What if you accidentaly commit a mortal sin then die?

You live your whole life for god then one day you accidentally commit a mortal sin and then die right after would you go to hell because of one mistake out of a life of serving god?

Mortal sins are not “accidental,” they are intentional. There is no such thing as an “accidental” mortal sin.

As told, there are no accidental mortal sins…

Agreed. You can’t sin accidentally. If it’s accidental, it’s called an accident.

As others have said, there is no such think as an accidental mortal sin. However, if you’re afraid you’ll die with a serious sin you committed before you can go to Confession, be comforted by the words of Jesus to St. Gertrude, that if anyone has thought of Him with pleasure, or has done anything deserving of reward, that He (Jesus) would, at the moment of death, look at that person with a look of such love and compassion that the dying person would be sorry and repent of his sins. Jesus never denies you that last chance. It’s up to you to accept it.

Having enough love and respect for God to capitalize His name is a good place to start :wink:

The conditions for a sin to be mortal are: 1. Its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter.
2. It must be committed with FULL KNOWLEDGE, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense (no one is considered ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are inborn as part of human knowledge, but these principles can be misunderstood in a particular context).
It must be committed with DELIBERATED AND COMPLETE CONSENT, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin. I hope this will help you =)

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