What if you choose the wrong vocation?


Can you still become a saint?


Their is no such thing as a bad vocation. You follow your heart when you do something. You do not do something for the sake of doing it. You get married and have kids for example knowing that their is going to be good times and diffitculte times and a lot of hard work lol.


If you choose the wrong vocation, then congratulations,
Your just like the rest of us,:slight_smile:


I never new what my vocation should be through out my life. Now in my late 60’s, and retired, I understand that I’m were God wants me to be. Some times the value of a journey isn’t known until we reach our destination, as long as our destination is God, you will have know regrets.


I read a book on discernment for the diocesan priesthood quite a few years ago, and the author made a point that if one were to enter a different vocation that God did not intent, then he or she will not be fully happy with his or her life. Many priests that I have met at discernment retreats have demonstrated the same idea.

I always had a hard time accepting this theory. Sometimes, it’s hard for one to figure out his or her vocation in life. I have a hard time believing that God would deny someone full happiness if he or she didn’t find his or her “true” vocation.


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