What if you do penance wrong?


So I was assigned a penance of saying a decade of the rosary before mass. I thought I did, but I messed up the order of some prayers before the ten hail marys and didn’t realize until after the mass. Do I need to get a priest to change that penance or does that still fulfil my penance since I thought I did my penance?

Also: I had to re-confess because I excluded a sin. Do I still need to do my initial penance or just the one I received from my second confession?


Before your next Mass, recite what you missed, and ask God to forgive you that you did it in two parts, but that was not your intention to make a mistake, and do not worry any more :thumbsup:

As for your second confession, is just another confession and do whatever you are ask to do for that sin that you forgot.
Nothing to worry about, do not let the devil to make you scrupulous about these things, keep your mind free from worrying about it, put everything in God’s hands.

In the love of the Church,



When you say you excluded a sin, was that because you forgot or because you decided not to confess it? The first doesn’t require anything except to bring it up in a following confession–honestly forgetting when you have the intention of confessing all your sins is not a problem.

*Purposely *leaving out a *mortal *sin causes a mess! First, it is a sin in itself, second, it invalidates the entire confession, third, it is a mortal sin so you ought not receive the Eucharist and if you do, that also has to be confessed. So overall, until you confess the deliberately left-out sin *and *that you left it out, *and *any sacraments you may have thus unworthily received, none of your sins is absolved.

I am surprised that priest put a time limit on your penance… Do you have some sort of smart phone or iPod? There are apps that have a lot of prayers, for the iPod, a lot of them are free for the basic prayers. That could be handy for you.


I know that I had to confess again. That’s why I had to confess again. I just wanted to ask advice on penance from the confessions.


I would ask the priest or refer to people here smarter than me, but I personally think that simply
by attempting the penance is enough. Like going to confession but forgetting some sins. You’re
forgiven SIMPLY by going to the Lord, who understands your limitations.

JUST ME HOWEVER, check me on this.


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