What if you forget the fast and eat a large meal?

So I forgot about the fact that it was Ash Wednesday today and, as a result, I ended up eating a large meal this morning (about two meals worth of stuff) my question is this: should I avoid eating anything else now since I would be essentially eating more than the fast permits at that point or would I be allowed to eat the normal two half meals that we can have?

You’ve had your large meal for the day (meatless I hope?). You may have your two additional “snacks” (also meatless of course), assuming that the two of them together do not add up to the meal you had this morning. The Church today is very lenient in what she asks of us in regards to fasting - on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday it is the least we can do!

I almost accidentally ate meat today. I thought you abstained on Friday’s. Luckily, I ordered the 2 for $5 Alaskan fish filet at Arby’s, and it seems that fish is allowed.

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