What if you had a gift, and you didn't think it was from God?


Well basically sometimes I sense emotions and read minds, and I scare the crap out of people and myself.


This is where spiritual direction comes into play. I know you mentioned a psychiatrist, a neurologist, and an exorcist in the other thread. Have you talked to anyone about spiritual direction and discernment?


Scientifically, it may be difficult to prove this. OK – I’m thinking of a book title. What is the name of the book?


Whenever I am unsure if the provenance of something is celestial or infernal, I apply the old, tried-and-true standard: by their fruits shall you know them. If the fruits of the gift in question are good and in line with Scripture and the Magisterium, then in all likelihood it is from God. If, however, said fruits seem to sow discord and confusion, then the ‘gift’ is most likely from the other place.


I am respectfully only going to say this once. I am telling the truth. I didn’t get this from a book and I am not insane.


Nichole, this is a public forum and people are unable to give you the help you clearly need. Talk to your therapist and talk to a priest. These are people trained to help you.


This is why I dont talk to people about this. I need spiritual help not therapy. Obviously you people are unable to help. But thanks anyway.


We’re not your Spiritual Director. CAF cannot help you. You already listed three experts that you were consulting. Listen to them.


If it is spiritual help you need, you MUST speak to a priest! No one here is qualified to give you the intensive, long-term assistance you evidently require. Please, please, please speak to a trusted priest. He is the only one who can help.


It could be from God, or could be from the devil. I would talk to good priest to help discern. And as @kill051 said, look at the results of these abilities. Do they bring good or evil? Do they make you pray more or less? Seek a priest.


Just trying to answer your question, your thread question.

If it wasn’t from God, then it must be from………you know who?

maybe it is from God, if you see it as a positive gift that can genuinely help people.


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