what if you spill the Precious Blood?

first off… I’m sorry if any find this post offensive, and that I’ve acted in a disrespectful way…

Last May or so I was attending mass at the cathedral. (not my normal parish) My friend and I had to head out as soon as communion was over because we had a NET retreat to head off to & we were pushing it time wise as it was. Everything went fine and dandy until it was time to receive the Precious Blood. Apparently the cathedral fills their chalices to the brim, totally unlike my parish. I was first in line, and I accidentally spiller it *all over my shirt. *Without thinking I ran back into the bathroom (which drained into a sewer :frowning: ) and washed off my shirt. I knew there was a ground sink in the sacristy, I just forgot in my rush.

The Blessed Sacrament It came out of my shirt fine (aside from the whole sewer issue). The problem now is that…

The stain from the Precious Blood is still in my cammi. I haven’t washed it at all since then. At first, in my messed up mind, I kind of liked the idea of having God physically present in my bedroom. (on the floor, eventually covered by a pile of clothes and later to be stuffed in a drawer I know, I’m really am sorry :frowning: )

I fully intend to burn the shirt outside, as soon as I can muster up the courage to. I thought about washing it outside and draining the water into the ground, but the shirt would still have a stain, and I know its cool by the church, but it doesn’t cease to be the Blood of Christ and I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea.

I don’t know. Thoughts anyone? Is burning it the right thing to do? Are my actions sinful? Mortal? What should I do with the cammi until I’m able to burn it?

I’m really sorry to anyone whom I may have offended by my treatment of the Blessed Sacrament.

The stain is no longer the Precious Blood once dried and no longer in the Form of wine once it can no longer be consumed in the Form of wine. It should be treated still however with respect. You can soak the material and pour the water on the ground (out of the way).

ok, thanks! thats a relief.

I have a q though- how does it go from Precious Blood to not Precious Blood? Is it still… God?

You would be much better off if you called a priest at your local parish and take care of it that way before you do anything else. A couple of weeks ago I had a scuffle in church with a man who tried to leave the church with the Holy Eucharist in his pocket he also grabbed a handful from the priest…during the altercation I thought that I had put my purse down but apparently I did not. Anyway, about 2 weeks later I’m cleaning out my purse which is a good size and at the bottum in every compartment are consecrated hosts all broken up…I immediately called the priest and someone came to where I was (at work) there were particles on my desk and under it. My whole work area was searched and particles collected as much as possible…even the trash can under my desk. And the whole area was washed with holy water…my purse was then taken back to the parish where the Pastor went through my entire purse and took care of everything…the proper way. I felt horrible about the whole situation but I knew what I had to do right away and I did it. Take care of the situation the right way and you will not be sorry…you will be glad you did it.:thumbsup:

This sounds like a good justification to install the old rails again. I’m in shock over this.

Good question. Remember our basic catechism. At Mass, the wine becomes the Blood. The substance of the wine becomes the substance of the Blood, but the accidents (appearance) of wine remain. Elementary, right?
So the Precious Blood is actually the substance of Christ’s Blood but the accidents of wine. Once the accidents of wine are no longer there, the Precious Blood is no longer there (because only wine can become and be the Blood).

Just as coffee or cola or grape juice or a red stain on a shirt cannot become the Precious Blood, the same is true “in reverse.” If it’s not “wine” any longer, it’s no longer the Blood.

A few illustrations:

The Precious Blood is constantly (though slowly) evaporating into the air after the Consecration. The vapors from the chalice are not the Precious Blood.
The very act of consuming the Body and Blood of Christ means that the molecules of it will be absorbed by our bodies natural processes. Again, once the accidents are gone, the Substance is gone. Think about it, some of the molecules of the Blood probably find their way into our hair, but that doesn’t mean that when we get a haircut, we have to burn the clippings.

Of course, it is different when the Blood is actually spilled onto cloth. In that case, yes it should be washed in the Sacrarium–but out of respect for what it once was, not because of what it still is. You did your best, and under the circumstances behaved with respect to the Blood of Christ. God understands that.

Well there is much more to the story…but it had been on the news and various threads-it had to do with much more than the old rails being in place…but I do agree with the return of the rails-on our knees and on our tongues…to receive the King of Kings- the God of Mercy-that which our hearts cannot fully comprehend. What an awesome God we serve that even to this day He does condenscend to visit us-with such a desire to unite us to Himself. He is so sweet, generous & kind:gopray2:

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