What if your pastor suddenly switched the method of distribution of communion to 100% intinction?


The modus operandi in most “Novus Ordo” parishes, since about 15 years ago, is to distribute communion under both individual species.

But what if your pastor suddenly switched the method of distribution of communion to 100% intinction?


{Shrug] Intinction is a valid method of communication, is it not? As long as the priest doesn’t allow anyone to self-intinct…


I would like the fact that intinction would remove the option of reception in the hand, but I put I would be indifferent because it really doesn’t matter much to me. The introduction of both species for the laity didn’t forsee it being a regular occurence, so I wouldn’t ever push for it to be so, but since it’s allowed I don’t mind at all if it’s done. I know I get the full Christ any way I go.


Not in my parish, and few others that I know of around here. Communion under both species is the exception rather than the rule. Mainly because of logistics.


What about people who are alcoholics or otherwise unable to to receive the Precious Blood? It’s like forcing people with celiac disease to not receive by only offering the Host. I wouldn’t be comfortable with just intinction.



No, it would require them to inform the pastor of their needs. The same as those who celiac disease can and should do.


since I have been supporting and advocating this for 20 yrs. obviously positive, as long as done only by priest or deacon, properly, from vessels designed for the purpose, and after adequate catechesis of the faithful on the reason for the change. I have belonged to parishes where this has been a long-time practice, and those with reason to receive only one species have made their needs known and are always served first under the manner suited to them. (Also those handicapped or elderly who cannot easily approach the priest have communion brought to them first before the rest of the congregation, another gesture of hospitality).


I think that one way around that could be to have two EMHC’s to distribute the host and blood separately. To my knowledge, only a priest or deacon can dip the host into the chalice.


For a long time I’ve thought this would be a good idea. It removes so many of the problematic aspects of the way things are done now.


Just a side note, this is how communion is handled in the Byzantine Divine Liturgy.


It’s a great idea, but unless a large parish has a number of priests and deacons it probably wouldn’t work.

At our parish communion (one species) takes about 10-15 minutes and that is with 1 priest 1 deacon and 4 EMHC’s. I don’t know if 25-35 minutes for communion would be feasible.


Why not?


I do not mind it being done either way. When I converted, the parish that I attended was very small, with only one priest and no deacons and distributed communion by intinction. My current parish distributes under the seperate species with the priest and 8 EMHC’s distributing.

I personally prefer receiving by intinction, but I do not have a problem with either way.


That’s a good point. We have 6 Sunday Masses 7:30, 9, 10:30, 12, 2, 6 pm and one Sat even Mass. We’d be in trouble if Masses ran over.


I have a confession to make - I’ve NEVER received by intinction! everyone gasps :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though - I wouldn’t know how to go about it.



Catholig, from your point of view it would be just the same as receiving on your tongue–the priest dips the Host into the Precious Blood and then puts it on your tongue. A former pastor of mine did this all the time, and I really loved it. He had a special paten, with a small hole in the middle, and a little cup that fit into the hole. The little cup was filled with the Precious Blood and giving communion didn’t take any longer than if just the Host had been received…:thumbsup:


My parish is a large, suburban one, with 5 Sunday Masses, a Sat. vigil, and 2 daily Masses on each weekday. Novus Ordo, and it’s 100% intinction at every Mass.

Without arguing each technical point, here’s how it’s done in my parish:

The priest, deacon, and any EMHCs (along with altar servers with the–forgive me, I’m blanking–metal item to catch any hosts that fall) all stand with intinction sets. (Kind of a mini-cup set into a saucer–precious blood in cup, blessed sacrament around the cup)<—as described above by PP.

Communicants desiring only the Blessed Sacrament, or those who wish to receive by hand come up extending their hands.

Communicants desiring both (by intinction) come up with arms crossed across chest, and receive on the tongue.

Obviously, no reception by hand with intinction.

Cleaning the vessels used takes a little more time than usual(3-5 minutes, tops?), but it’s nice to have that time for prayer and a bit of a pause before the concluding prayers and dismissal.


Intinction is fine with me, but when did we put a time frame/stop watch on worship ?

Guess that football/baseball etc game or shopping at the mall means more…

Hope the Lord does not put a stop watch on me when I’m pleading my case on judgement day…



Communion actually doesn’t take any longer (see my post describing process above).
Everybody’s still in the same old lines; they just indicate with their hands/arms which way they prefer to receive.
It’s the “clean up” afterwards that takes a tad bit longer.


EMHC are forbidden from offering Holy Communion by intinction. This is reserved only for the ordained.

That was my original point is that with intinction there would be no EMHC’s to assist and thus it would take longer.

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