What if......?

…when you die and stand before Judgment, you discover God is Muslim? Jewish? Hindu? Buddhist? Non-existent?

***What if?***:confused:

Oh well, He’ll know we were sincere. I guess this is precisely what will happen to the Muslims, Jews, Buddhists etc. He will judge every man’s heart.

Do not entertain doubts.

First off, that won’t happen. Jesus is Lord.
Secondly, if you wish to pursue the fantasy… my life would still have been richer for loving Him.

I do not believen a supreme being called “god” but let’s assume, he is real, and that he is one of those religions, then I guess I would just tell him I did what I did with my life, and thats that. If he decides to punish me, then I guess thats part of my destiny.

In this instance, how would I then stand before judgement? :smiley:

I’m convinced that won’t happen. But, hypothetically, I would pray forgiveness and mercy.

If God is non-existant, then I don’t guess I’ll be waking up to stand anywhere. But I am more of the opinion that God is not a God of “religions” so I won’t be surprised to find him “non-denominational”. That takes nothing from Jesus, it just means that perhaps God sends others to speak to other peoples in a way that will speak to them. :smiley:

So…you’d ask God to forgive you for being wrong? Interesting.

If that’s true, how does religious observance in small details matter to one’s salvation? If there’s any chance at all that God is non-denominational in the broadest sense, then why bother with the microscopic aspects of any particular kind of religious worship? For example, we Catholics make a big deal of Lent. How important could Lent be, however, if God isn’t even solidly Christian?

Don’t questions such as these ever cross your mind? They do mine, as much as I’d prefer they didn’t.

But if you did, what would you think about how much work you put into a religion, during your temporal lifetime, that proved to be untrue? WHAT IF…?


But for me, the more persistant question is whether or not there is a God.

If there is no God, the Catholic life (as horribly as I’ve lived it), I believe, was best for my family.

I wouldn’t regret a single moment, not a second. If Christianity is wrong, if Christ is not the risen savior, He should have been. Some religions expect people to die for their god, Christ is the only God willing to die for His people. No, not a split second do I regret being raised as a Christian in the home of a Lutheran pastor, brought up in faith, educated at a wonderful college where faith was central, my whole life revolving around christianity. No regrets.


Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all ways of having a relationship with God on terms a human can understand. God cannot be Muslim, Christian, or Jewish.

Buddism does not have the same structure of an afterlife as the monotheistic faiths.

In other words, the question is flawed from the start.

God does not have a religion, as a religion is a way for man to relate to God.

If there is no God, who cares? There will be no Ralph to find out.

Since God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, your “what if” is meaningless.

Well, if he’s Hindu, or Buddhist I think I’d still be OK. :heaven:

If He’s Jewish then I guess I have stern talking to coming my for the believing in the Trinity. I would just have hope for His mercy. :bowdown:

If he is non-existent. Then I guess I’ve got nothing to worry about. Though holding out for marriage would have then become kind of bummer lol. :doh2:

If He’s Muslim, I might be in trouble… :smiley:

I doubt that God will appear to us in any way other than unexpected, and certainly no label denoting a form of religion will encompass God. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We are God’s to do with as he chooses, whether she matches our expectations or not.

I really, really like your answer. I have no regrets either, and even if my faith should be proved short of what God has called his people to become, it has still made me a better person than I would have been otherwise.

We don’t observe Lent for God’s sake, but for ours. The microscopic aspects of any faith do not influence or change God. They influence us to be more receptive to God’s grace, constantly available to us.

Excellent post, Jon.


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