What if ….

What if you are a Christian following Christ in a way not related to the Catholic or Orthodox Traditions and Mary appeared to you?

What would you do with that experience?

Considering Mariology only seems to exist in Catholicism I might consider looking into Catholicism.:shrug:

How can the bold part be possible? You would have to completely cease to be Christian in order to not follow Christ in some way related to Catholic or Orthodox Traditions.

God bless you

Uh, no it doesn’t. Our Orthodox brethren for starters also have a good deal to say about Mary.

The reformers ALL accepted the dogma of her Perpetual Virginity. Many prominent Protestant leaders, including Martin Luther and John Wesley, a founder of Methodism, also kept up Marian devotions such as the Rosary.

OK - a person who does not consider themselves in full communion with the Catholic Church, whether it is under the bishop of Rome of any of the other ecclesial bishops recognized by the Orthodox Churches. Better?

Much better. Okay so if I was a Christian who did not consider myself in communion with the Catholic Church and Mary appeared to me?.. I would test everything and hold on to that which is true. Much like what the Catholic Church already does. :wink:

God bless you

Oddly enough, Muslims have a great love for Mary and they also believe in the Virgin Birth, so I suppose if Mary wanted to appear to a Muslim person, she would.

Among other things:

*]1. Worry about crossing that bridge if or when it is come to
*]2. Carry on as usual
*]3. Presumably, God can send His servants to whom, in the manner, when, & why he sees fit.
*]4. Don’t bother with curiosities of no practical importance; importance; then they won’t stop people being busy with ought to occupy them
*]5. Follow what light has already been given.
*]6. Use common sense - how likely is this to arise ? Not very.
[/LIST]There are more important things to attend to than dubious & ambiguous rot like apparitions. They can come from many different sources, & anyone who seeks them is a fool.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It would depend on what her message was.

I think most Protestants would dismiss it as the Devil in disguise.

More info:

No matter what the message was (given the message isn’t completely looney tunes ) - what would you do with the experience?

I started a thread in the Apologetics area and asked if there were Marian apparitions approved by the Church where she appeared to non-Catholics and apparently there are a few. I wondered what I would do if she appeared to me and wanted to see if other non-Catholic Christians thought about it at all.

I have not seen that expressed in this thread. Have you?

I like reading your posts you are obviously a very smart guy. But this reply doesn’t help at all. Not being snarky or mean, just the way it is. You basically told me why you won’t consider the proposition rather than considering it and replying about your consideration.

Still like your posts - peace.

No matter what the message was (given the message isn’t completely looney tunes ) - what would you do with the experience?


I would try to hold it close to my heart and use it to become a better person and strengthen my faith, perhaps in some way a better Christian and help others who might be struggling with their faith.

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