what if?

I hear many stories about men converting to Catholicism with initially unwilling wives. Any with the other way around.

Its easier for a wife to follow her husband than the other way around.

I am not certain of what you are asking.

In my family, there were many mix marriages. The ones that the woman was Catholic the husband eventually converted. On the other hand those where the husband was Catholic the wife did not convert.

Stories or articles a out women who wanted to convert and how they went about convincing g husbande

im not sure what you mean, my wife is converting to Catholicism from non-denomination

I mean if the husband is Protestant

Yes, a woman at my parish was born and raised Catholic. She married a staunch Southern Baptist and waited an prayed for 20 years for him to become Catholic and he finally did after researching and looking for himself.

She said that he changed when she stopped talking to him about it and just let him research and look on his own.

The trick is that you CAN’T convince someone. A true conversion has to come from a persons heart and the Holy Spirit. A conversion is an interior process that occurs when someone begins to interact with God and search for the truth. You will never argue someone to your religion.

Hubby is a cradle Catholic with zero interest in religion. I’m converting. :wink:

We are cradle Catholics. However, my 24 year-old daughter is engaged to a wonderful young Presbyterian (an aspiring lawyer) in Birmingham, Alabama. She made the decision to become a Presbyterian without any pressure whatsoever from the young man. After attending services with his family over the past two years, she realized she loved the congregation and truly enjoyed Presbyterian services. Believe me, we discussed the issue thoroughly with her! We are 100% sure she made this determination on her own. With that knowledge, we believe she is doing what she believes is right. We personally believe that Catholicism will lead us to the Glory of God, but she is a responsible adult and we respect her decision.

Side note: His family is interesting. His father and mother are lawyers; he and his sister will graduate from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University next month. My daughter, a University of Alabama graduate, will receive her Masters Degree in Public Administration from UAB at the same time. Our youngest daughter, a junior at The Ohio State University, professes to be Catholic the rest of her life.

I saw this quote in another thread involving a 15 year-old Catholic inspired to attend Evangelical services.

“The gravest obligation requires the acceptance and practice, not of the religion which one may choose, but of that which God prescribes and which is known by certain and indubitable marks to be the only true one.” Pope Leo XIII - Encyclical Immortale Dei (November 1, 1885)

Undeniably, his parents must do all they can for their minor child in keeping him attached to his Catholic faith. But what can you do with your 24 year-old educated daughter when she makes a well thought out decision based on contemplation and reason? its troubling for us, but she is determined to become a Presbyterian. I believe she also discussed the matter thoroughly with a Catholic priest in Birmingham.This, in addition to much research and counseling with Catholics and Presbyterians alike.

Patrick Madrid’s “Surprised by Truth” series has several conversion stories about wives who came home to the Church before their husbands.

My guess is that there really isn’t any "statistical " data on this matter and so whatever is our there is probably anecdotal…I could be wrong I suppose…


That’s sort of what I was looking foradds it to the book list

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