What I'll be doing this weekend

Photo fail. I’ll have to update my knowledge on how to paste a pic.

403 error.

If you want to place a photo on a post, just drag the actual photo to the post box, it will upload here. Don’t try to link a Flickr.

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It didn’t work. I’ll have to figure something else out.

So, add learning how to post a pic to what you’ll be doing this weekend! :wink:


I’ve actually been posting pics for years and this is the first time it wouldn’t work for me. OH well, until that can be corrected just picture, while thinking of the heading, a scary looking guy drinking beer and eating Cheetos. LOL

Regular or the crunchy kind? I prefer the crunchy ones, myself.

Regular for me. The crunchy ones came to Canada later and I was already hooked on the originals. :grin:

Crunchy beer has not yet come to my corner of the planet. :thinking:


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