What I'm reading now; what are YOU reading now?


Some months back I posted about finishing up the last of the Wheel of Time books on Audible and asking for suggestions about what series to start next. I got a several suggestions. I did download (from Audible) the first of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books, but I couldn’t finish it, for multiple reasons.

Since then I’ve been reading (well, listening to) the first three Favorite Science Fiction Stories volumes, but now I’ve rediscovered Larry Niven’s Known Space novels and stories. Good writing, believable science (altho some of that has been overtaken by more recent discoveries), and naughty behavior is only hinted at, not described in detail. I had read some of the stories in sci-fi magazines in my youth. Now, some of his books (like Ringworld) are available on Audible; some are available on Kindle (and my device reads out loud to me); and some of the stories are available only in real books, but I’ve found my “entertainment reading/listening” for the next year or so.


I’ve been working on Fr. Spitzer’s quartet of books. I’m on number 3, God so Loved the World .

I didn’t read the first book of the quartet because the bookstore didn’t have it in stock. But I’m looking forward to the fourth book, The Light Shines on in the Darkness. He has been going over that one in the last several episodes of his show, Fr. Spitzer’s Universe, on EWTN, so that should help. I’ve got them all on the DVR and plan to watch them while I read the book.


I am reading “Inside Mormonism” by Isaiah Bennett. It’s about exactly what it sounds like


I am reading Catholicism and Fundamentalism.


I’ve got that one too!


Have you read it yet?
I think it needs to be updated because so many changes have occurred in Protestant
churches since the book was written.


I have indeed. I’m 29 and it’s about the same age I am. I live in an area with a lot of fundamentalists so I can tell you much of it is still spot. I agree though, especially since a lot of the people Keating writes about have since died.


I was thinking how so many mainline protestant churches allow female pastors and allow same sex marriages that the
Fundamentalists might have more in common with the Catholic church than they would like to admit to.


I have that book; it was part of my self-inflicted study program when I started thinking about becoming Catholic back in '04.


Jesus of Nazareth. But atm it’s being read by osmosis


Currently reading Jurassic Park as a last summer read.


A Burglar’s Guide to the City., right now.


I am reading " Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet," by Lyndal Roper. It looks good so far.


A Column of Fire by Ken Follett


I read that book so many years ago. I thought it was s good read. Enjoy!


I got in the mood for old literature recently, and so I’m reading Dracula and War and Peace. I’m also reading Joseph Pearce’s The Quest for Shakespeare.


A book by Mother Angelica on suffering and burnout. Proving very very helpful. And The Midnight Folk by John Masefield, in preparation for reading The Box of Delights closer to Christmas.


I finished Ringworld on my device; now starting Ringworld Engineers. Also, about to finish St. Augustin’s Commentaries on the Psalms on my Kindle. That’s the 8th and last volume of Augustin; I’ve been working on him for two years. Next volume – St. John Chrysostom’s “On the Priesthood”, “Ascetic Treatises”, “Select Homilies and Letters”, and “Homilies on the Statues”. There are five more volumes of his writings; 18 months, at my current rate.



I am going to begin reading The Grunt Padre, about Fr. Vincent Cappodanno. I saw the special on EWTN and want to know more about him!


Oh I saw that. Made me cry.

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