What in the heck is up with Mel Gibson???

Is it just me or is Mel Gibson totally spiralling out of control in his faith? If it isn’t bad enough that he and his wife are divorcing after 28 years of marriage, now he has impregated his girlfriend…

This comes from a guy that condemned his wife as an Anglican years ago saying basically that she probably won’t go to heaven due to her Anglican faith. This comes from a guy that has worn his Catholicism on his sleeve for years? I’m really disappointed in Mel. I expected more out of him. I know he’s a human being but now there’s no way the Church will annul his first marriage, no way. He’ll be living in a state of sin with this floozie for years to come. This guy did so much for the faith making The Passion, only to go on a drunken tirade against Jews and now this. I’m sooooo disappointed!

First off, the validity of his first marriage should be dependent on the facts at the time of that purported sacrament. Whatever activity he’s up to now, sinful or otherwise, shouldn’t affect it - a declaration of nullity is not a reward for keeping your pants on.

But the more immediate issue with your statement is Gibson’s relationship with the Church. I don’t know whether the Church normally proceeds with the annulment process when the parties involved are not in communion with the Church, but it seems unlikely that Gibson would go that route since he belongs to a schismatic group.

I think we’ve all tried to “hold fire” on the Mel GIbson situation, because it’s so easy to fall into “judgment” or placing ourselves in position of spiritual pride and self-righteousness. But at some point a spade needs to be called a spade, since, in a way, it’s a public scandalization of Christianity by a man who made such a spectacular and controversial film as The Passion.

All I have to say is this - if you willingly leave the ark (and Mel left a while ago), learn how to swim.

Needs a link to a news article

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