What is a Bissell?


In my parish bulletin, where they have the Mass intentions for the week, it read: "(Bissell) Monday 1pm - Joe Smith."
I’ve never heard of that before. Do any of you know what it is? Is it a Mass?


Is it possibly the last name of the priest celebrant, or lector or something?


A vacuum cleaner comes to mind, but that can’t be it. I just did a google and found all sorts of strange things, although none of what I saw seems to have a religious connotation. :shrug:


I don’t think so. I’ve seen that in the bulletin for a few weeks. Same day, same time.


Probably the name of the person who requested the Mass. Why don't you ask the pastor or the person who prepares the bulletin?



Very likely it is the person who requested the intention.


If it’s the person who requested the intention, then why don’t they have the names of the others who request intentions? And I don’t think it’s the same intention every week at 1pm. Also, Mondays are the only day when there’s something at 1pm at my church.




:rotfl: That was awesome :thumbsup:


I would bet it is either the requester or the celebrant. You can request multiple masses for a person so it’s possible this Bissell person either requested it multiple times or that someone named Bissell is the celebrant.


Thanks :smiley:


Does the priest celebrate another Mass that day?


Ha Ha!!! That is absolutely hilarious!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this Mass being held in your parish church or at another site?

It could be that is the name of the place where the Mass will be held.

For example, a local parish celebrates Mass at a local nursing home once a month and it is one of the 2 daily Masses they offer.
It is listed in the bulletin as Cherry Hill @ 2:00pm.


[quote="Phemie, post:12, topic:290910"]
Does the priest celebrate another Mass that day?


There are the 2 daily Masses that morning (6:30 and 8am).


That made my morning! Thank you :smiley:


Thank you!! I think I just realized what Bissell is! It’s most likely a Mass that is held at a local hospital. I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks. Thank you :slight_smile:


This is quite possible. Our parish contains a number of nursing homes, retirement communities and a high school with its own chapel. Every so often Mass will be celebrated at one or other of these, and the bulletin listing will start with the name of the place where it is being held.


Oh, that makes sense!


Elementary, my dear Watson!

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