What is a Canon?


Can someone explain what it is to be Canonised? I know that if you are canonised after death that makes you a Saint, but the priest at my church is called Canon John O’Shea, so what does his title mean?


The word “canon” comes from the Greek word meaning a reed or rod, then used as a standard of measurement. It has different meanings based on the topic, for instance as a clerical dignitary, it implies a member of the clergy associated with a cathedral or chapter. Cathedral chapters have the responsibility of advising the bishop on certain matters of diocesan administration. Used in reference to the Bible it indicates a “list”, this is also the meaning of “canonized” saints, it does not imply that they are “made” saints when canonized, it is that they are recognized or listed. The Church doesn’t “make saints” when they canonize a person, the person is already a saint. It also means a “law” as in the canon of the Church, or Church law. Then there’s the canon of the Mass… ya know what, go to google and type Catholic canon, you’ll get more info than you want… lol
or if you have access to a Catholic dictionary, you’ll find it there

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