What is a Catholic's responsibility twords the Pro-Life movement?

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First of, I’d like to say that I am not in favor of abortion in any way shape or form. I pray all the time for an end to it, I’ve done pro-life marches, I’ve written blog posts to help out the cause, I’ve donated money to Catholic crisis pregnancy shelters, just because I believe in it. But I’m really confused as to what Catholics are supposed to be doing about it. A lot of people at my Church are like calling and emailing all kinds of senators and reps from several states away, and they do all these intense boycots of all the companies that support Planned Parenthood. I feel like they are pressuring me to do it, and they have a “If you don’t do it, you are a bad Catholic and a bad person attitude about it”. …but on the other hand I know God looks at your heart, and if your heart isn’t in it…then it’s not for the right reasons. I’m really confused. Can someone help me?


Ok, this is just my opinion. Everyone has their strengths and their passions. Pro-life work is no different in that respect. Some people are very energized with the political action work, others prefer to spend their energies helping women in crisis pregnancies, some focus mostly on prayer, some are really skilled at getting the word out and educating others. If you try to do everything, you will get burnt out.

Also, at election time, a Catholic is morally forbidden by the Church to vote for a baby killer when there is a Pro-Life alternative. Hmm. Wonder what happened in 08?

You have an obligation to attend Sunday mass, maintain yourself in a state of grace, and pray that the will of our Divine Father be done, including His will that all human life be protected.

If you have the time and talents contribute to contribute to a specific ministry such as the pro-life movement or a crisis-pregnancy shelter, then doing so counts as a corporal act of mercy - but you have no obligation to participate in any particular way.

As a member of the human race, you are forbidden from materially supporting abortion, such as paying the abortionist’s fee, performing the abortion itself, or obtaining one on your own unborn child. You are not forbidden to buy a legitimate, morally acceptable or neutral product or service. If the merchant selling that product donates his earnings to the abortion industry, it is his or his company’s moral failing, not you own.

You can choose not to do business with him, and even petition him to cease his donations, but again you are under no obligation. Such boycotts or petitions are a freely given act of charity, not an obligation.

I don’t know if you are a bad Catholic or not, but if you are so anti-abortion why don’t you call and email the lawmakers to pass laws to stop abortion and why aren’t you boycotting companies who sponsor Planned Parenthood? :confused:

NO! NO! you are not a bad Catholic, if that is what people say. I am a member of Pro-Life organizations, I pray for the end of abortion, I go to marches, I discuss it with others. But I have not supported these groups at all by paying money. I know it may sound really bad of me, but in my time it is not the right time to support them with a check, but I support their cause by my prayers and my opinions. I am young and cannot afford much, so when the right time comes, I will step forward and donate as much money as I can afford. I have emailed Senators etc, but never took the chance to call them.
Prayer is a very powerful tool and a special gift from God. Always pray for the end of abortion and if you put your whole heart into it {which I am sure you are doing}, then you are being as much as a loving child of God, respecting life, then those who think you are a bad Catholic. God Bless!

I would say that the issue is very serious indeed.When babies are being killed at such a high rate as today every Catholic has a responsibility to do his part to end this practice.Each person has to decide for himself(herself)what he can do.It may be providing financial help to orgs.that oppose abortion or PP.Or it could be demonstrating in front of an abortion clinic.Also you can vote for prolife candidates.There are many ways one can take part.btw its hard to see how the situation could be get worse than it is today.

All the calls, emails & boycotts are bound to have mixed results. They turn off as much as they turn on. As Catholics, we are to give witness by our actions always, and by our words when confronted by someone who professes error. At that point, you politely counter the error with Catholic teaching, then let it drop. It is not our place to force or coerce our fellow man, but to simply state the Gospel truth.

I think that my place is try and help people first. Nothing will happen if we don’t pray and use God’s grace to change the hearts of people. If we do that, we wouldn’t need to defund PP.


I take issue with this stance.

Supporting a company, or an individual, through the buying of products, knowing full well that a percentage of the profits will go towards funding abortions is akin to the sin of scandal. The goods bought are not morally nuetral if the production is financed by takings from the profits of abortion. That must be the case, or else why would the business donate monies to the pro-abortion industry? It is because they wish for a return on that money so donated. In other words, production is being driven by a demand created by a return on monies invested in the pro-abortion industry. The moral nuetrality of the products is therefore questionable. The moral culpability of the business, or the businessman, is self evident. Purchasing products from him, or his company, is in fact adding stimulus to the pro-abortion industry.

The catechism, at 1760, states " A morally good act requires the goodness of its object, of its end,* and of its circumstances together."*

I would submit that a Catholic is obliged to take his/her custom elsewhere and to inform the business/businessman of the reasons for doing so.

The trouble that I have with a hard-line approach to boycotting businesses that contribute to PP comes from questions like the following:

  1. If my friends & family work for businesses that contribute to PP, should I exacerbate their precarious job situations in a weak economy by refusing to patronize their stores?

  2. If such a high percentage of married Catholics use contraception, should I boycott / leave - that is, not contribute to the support of - my Church? If I can’t force or coerce my Church into “doing the right thing”, why should I attempt this ploy on the business world?

  3. If I’m out of work in a really tough economy, should I absolutely refuse to accept a job from a company that includes PP among its charitable contributions? What if I have family to support?

  4. If we are trying to win hearts & minds of people who are unwilling to take political action against abortion due to other serious concerns in their minds, does it help if they know that we are boycotting the company for which they work?

The trouble that I have with mass mailing Congressman is the same feeling that I get when I receive an email that says pass this good Christian message on and you will get a reward with an implied “OR ELSE”. Have you ever received one like that where it has an implied threat for not passing on the Christian spam. The bottom line is the voting pattern and, the spam be d****d.

If you really want to be mass mailing Pro-Life activist, my suggestion is to send family & friends of voting age a hand-written letter urging them to keep Pro-Life in the forefront of their voting concerns.

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