What is a "Centering" prayer?

Dear Friends,

I saw this in the Prayer Intentions section and don’t know what that means. I looked up the definition.

Thank you and love you, Sheila

An un-allowed topic in the forum

As Bookcat observed, the topic is banned. However, the Sticky announcing the ban does have links to articles and past discussions (hopefully closed, due to the ban) that address it. Hopefully, those will answer your question.

why is this topic not allowed :confused:

Unfortunately, discussion of why it is not allowed is also not allowed. We can read the post and the referenced articles/threads. If something is still unclear, PM a moderator for clarification.

It sounds very New Age.

Note the moderator’s advice

"*The topic of centering prayer has become a disruption in the forums and is no longer permitted.

Any questions about centering prayer should be directed to our apologists. Before contacting them, please review these answers, articles, and programs from Catholic Answers about centering prayer*"

The moderator, Klara Collins, provides some links that may answer your questions, attached to this thread.

I am not sure about this particular topic, but in most cases of a temporary ban, it is because members of CAF have repeatedly shown themselves to be unable to discuss the topic with charity.

The temporary ban gives members a chance to regain their cool. And perhaps provide respite for the moderators.

Problem is, the links at the Sticky are full of misinformation concerning Centering Prayer.

I’ve been doing Centering Prayer for over 35 years. PM me if you want valid information.


Is it like meditation or something we aren’t suppose to do? Love,Sheila

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