What is a Christian Mystic?

I thought that I had posted this question a couple of days ago? But since I can’t find the post after conducting 3 searches; I’ve decided to post again.

I was wondering if there were such a thing as a Christian Mystic? I’ve heard of Pope John Paul II called a mystic, but i’m not too clear about what it is?

If Christian Mysticism isn’t in conflict with the Church, could you recommend a book that’ll explain this (mysticism)?

Dear Always,

The word “mystic” comes from “mystery” which suggests that which is not known. To have a mystical experience is to have an experience that one cannot induce on one’s own. It is an experience of God which He initiates. For more, please read:

%between%Mystical Theology

This link is to the article on Mystical Theology in the original Catholic Encyclopedia on line and will give you information on all things pertaining to mysticism in the Church.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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