What is a Christian?

As I reflect with some controversy over ‘lying for Jesus’, I believe it is becoming clear what a ‘Christian’ is to me. I am only posting this here because we have been having a debate about how to define a Christian in simple terms.

I believe a Christian is a person who have ABSOLUTE trust in the truth:

Because a Christian believes that truth is the Word of God and this Word created all things and hold all things together. He believe the Word of God is God and became man, and died/crucified, and rose again.
This translate: trust in truth always even when you face suffering and great suffering, and even death. Those who die in the truth are alive and will appear again because true life is in the truth:
Jesus is the Word of God incarnate: the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

In this belief, following the truth is following the way to Paradise. This Way was indicated by Christ, and he showed that it (can) pass through great suffering and death. Therefore, a Christian is not afraid of physical death, he is afraid of spiritual death which comes with lies.

The fact is: lie is missing the mark. It is missing the highway to Paradise and riding to death. The devil uses lies to destroy, while God uses truth to save. The devil uses lies to kill not because he has power of death, but because he knows that life, true life is in God and the way to God is truth. So lies lead away from God and away from God is death.

For this, A Christian would rather die (like Jesus) and let the beloved die (like Marry) than lie or mislead through any kinds of falsehood disrespecting to truth.
A Christian does not fight to stay in this physical body, but to stay in the truth.
Eternal life is in the truth, not in the physical body.

The life of a Christian is illustrated in the life of Christ himself, and his Blessed Mother. No lie of falsehood was found in them. Mary did not try to spare Jesus from any suffering. She is a great model of Christian faith and hope when we face suffering we are unable to avoid. A Christian try his best but lying is not an option.

All Christians should look at Mary and Jesus for inspiration about their identity.
When we lie we are not being faithful Christians we are being unfaithful and loosing faith in our Father. God help us.

God bless

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