What is a good Catholic study Bible?

I have the NAB, but I am not satisfied with the liberal commentary footnotes. I am not very satisfied with the OT translation either, but I don’t really use it that much anymore if I don;t have to, but I do love the NT translation, it is excellent. But my real desire is for a good conservative and traditional Catholic study Bible with sound Catholic footnotes that comment on the verses and have good introductions. Any suggestions?

It’s the general consensus around here (If I remember right) that the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition is the Study Bible of choice, I’m not sure though since my Catholic Bible of choice is Douay-Rheims and I spend most of my Bible study time in Protestant Bibles to be familiar with the wording of their Bibles to debate with them best as possible.



Go there. And look it up.

If you’re looking for a study bible with good footnotes, check out the multi-volume Navarre Bible Commentaries. The text is RSV-CE.


In my opinion the Ignatius Study Bible series is the best. At the moment they are being printed in single volumes e.g. The Gospel of John. They are faithful to the Magisterium and very thorough. I also have the Navarre study bible it is faithful also but doesn’t go into as much detail as the Ignatius Study Bible series. The two complement one another.

Yesterday on Morning Air, they were advising people to get the Douay-Rheims Haydock Study Bible. They say it’s a good translation and the commentaries tie in the teachings of the doctors of the church.

I can’t wait to get a copy. I started with a Protestant study bible because it was so easy to read and understand. But I’ve been wanting to get a good Catholic study bible for a long time.

The best price I have found is at: prayrosary.com

Description from their website:
Throughout the 1800’s the best known Douay-Rheims Bibles were known as “Haydock’s Bibles” because of the powerful footnotes or commentary that was selected by Fr. Haydock to help the faithful to understand Scripture according to the mind of the Church. The Haydock commentary in this edition was taken from a Bible originally printed in 1812 and includes the Saints who were given the title “Father of the Church” because of their outstanding writings explaining Holy Scripture. Fr. Haydock also included notes from other eminent scholars which soundly refute Protestant errors on various passages from the Bible which give important historical explanations to help every reader to better understand God’s Holy Word. This edition of the Douay-Rheims Old and New Testaments contains a Bible Dictionary which is Illustrated. Although the commentary is smaller than the text, the average reader should have no difficulty reading these tremendous explanations. There is no commentary more accurate and true than that of the Fathers of the Church.

The Haydock is the Crown Jewel of Study Bibles…about $100

Ignatius Study is good & inexpensive.

Navarre can get expensive and is in many separate volumes…that turns me off a little…but I read that St Escriva helped with that one… I’m gonna eventually get the Haydock though.

[quote=Fidelis]If you’re looking for a study bible with good footnotes, check out the multi-volume Navarre Bible Commentaries. The text is RSV-CE.


I have the complete set of NT ( Navarre Bible). commentaries in my opinion are the best.
Also I have the Gospel of Matthew ( Catholic study Bible) by Robert Sungenis. Very good.

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