What is a Lack of Form Annulment?

I am Catholic, having gone through RCIA and joining the church in 1993. I was married in 1998 in a Methodist church to a non-Catholic. He abandoned me in 2008 saying “he wasn’t having fun anymore”. He said not to worry that he wouldn’t divorce me. Well, I want to be rid of him, but I don’t have the funds and I am not sure what to do in the church. I asked a local Catholic forum and they told me to get a “Lack of Form Annulment”. What is it, how do I do it, what is involved etc…?
Thank you for your time, Becky:):slight_smile:

Catholics are required by canon law to be married in the Catholic Church or receive permission to be married elsewhere (canon 1108 §1). Because you were received into the Catholic Church in 1993 and later married outside of the Church, the marriage is invalid. You can ask the local tribunal to issue a decree that the marriage was never valid, however the tribunal will most likely refuse to do so until there is a divorce decree. Even if they do issue a decree of nullity concerning your marriage outside the Church, it has no civil effect and you, obviously, cannot get married in the Church while civilly married to another person.

The following is usually required for a decree of nullity due to lack of canonical form:
[list]*]recently dated Baptismal Certificate for the Catholic party or certificate of completion of sacraments of initiation into the Church
*]a copy of the Marriage License/Marriage
*]the Final Decree of Divorce[/list]

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