What is a lifestyle?

You sometimes here of belief systems like Buddhism and Taoism called lifestyles and/or philosophies instead of religions.If that is the case then what is a lifestyle?.Can it be said that those who dont practise a religion practise a no belief system but instead a lifestyle?.That they just live *by a lifestyle?.I wasn’t to sure where to put this posting but in the end I picked the philosophy sub-forum instead of the water cooler since I thinking I might get more helpful info here from you good people.Thank you for your time.

*Me personally I disagree with this b/c of what I think of orthopraxis,non-theistic spirituality and how in my opinion religion can be defined as a response to some revelation.But anyways:rolleyes:…

I’m thinking the distinction made here is simply that theistic belief is not inherent to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, etc.

Note that a Taoist and a Buddhist can have theistic beliefs, and I suppose a Confucianist could as well, but to my understanding it would not be required in all sects.

What does “lifestyle” mean except for the way a person lives their life. :shrug:

My guess is that, in these contexts, some people choose the word “lifestyle” in an effort to avoid the word “religion” which for many people has connotations of intolerance, hypocrisy, judgmentalism, etc. They want to distance themselves from such perceptions and so they choose another word.

I think it does raise an important consideration, though, that our religion should be indicative of how we live our life. If it’s not, then what is the point?

Like others have said, a lifestyle is the way you live your life, and that is defined by your beliefs. It doesn’t only apply to Buddism or even religions. One common case is homosexuality. People refer to it as the “gay” lifestyle. In that case, people would be following their beliefs that they were “born gay” and that would be the motivation for the way they are living. In some ways, homosexuality is like a religion of it’s own. The lifestyle is the way a person chooses to live, with their beliefs motivating them. I hope this makes sense. And I hope no one is bothered I used homosexuality as an example, but that is one “lifestyle” that seems to be talked a lot in this day and age.

Technically, someone could be motivated by their job, or money, so their lifestyle could be related to that as well. A non-religious example.

What I mean is, a lifestyle is the carrying out of your beliefs with something to motivate you. Does this make sense?

Yes it does and thanks for the clarifying answer.

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