What is a Luth Mass?


A parish near me has, on its schedule of Mass times, a Luth Mass on Wednesday Mornings. So I’m wondering what a Luth Mass is. I was initially thinking it could be shorthand for a Lutheran Mass, but there are two Lutheran churches near by so a Lutheran group would have access to a church of their own denomination. Have any of you guys seen this on your parish schedules?


Could it be a misprint?
Or maybe should it be “youth” Mass?

Have you asked someone at your parish?


Maybe LUTH an acronym for “Liturgy Uf The Hours”?


Maybe they celebrate Mass in Lithuanian and someone made a typo?


Maybe the music is done on a French lute (which, in French, is luth)?


I used to wonder what the OLPH Devotions were.

Turns out, being a Redemptorist Parish, they have regular devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It took me a bit to put 2 and 2 together on that one. :face_with_monocle:


This is a reason we Catholics need to be careful with our “insider terms”.


Might be…I have seen the Liturgy of the Hours (specifically Morning Prayer) incorporated into Mass at a seminary chapel before.


LOTH with Mass would make sense. Maybe the U is a typo.


It’s a special Mass for Lithuanian Undertakers, Truckers, and Housemakers, or LUTH. It’s an odd grouping to be sure, but a venerable tradition.

True story.


It’s been in its current form for months and is on the schedule in perpetuity last I checked. Which I would think lessens it being a typo, no?

I haven’t. There are other Mass times at my home parish I prefer and the days I go to that parish don’t have the Luth Mass.

A nice idea. The only problem I see with that theory us that it’s listed as “Luth,” not “LUTH.”


Not necessarily.
If it is something that just gets “cut & pasted” to a new bulletin or announcement sheet every week, someone might not have even noticed.

Best thing is to just call the office and ask.


If you ever find out what it is, you have to let us know!


I googled it and this returned:


It is perplexing!


I tried googling it. I highly doubt it is related to this:Luth


Another thought.
Could it be a Mass that is held in a nursing type home or some other type of residential care facility?


That is a good thought. We have one mass a week that’s held at the local migrant workers camp. I was confused by the bulletin for that till I heard Father explain.

It could be that the Luth Mass is being held somewhere else. Please call the church office for us and find out…we are all curious now. :grin:


ANSWER: I called this parish in Arlington Heights, IL. “Luth” stands for Lutheran Home which is a retirement home nearby. The priests are sent over there for mass, so this Mass doesn’t take place on parish property.

“Luth Mass” is a Mass that takes place at Lutheran Home.


The parish we used to visit in NC always announced the “Spanish Mass in Oriental” – Not completely PC, but always made me chuckle.

(Oriental is a nearby town in NC)


That makes sense, you don’t have to be Lutheran to stay at the Lutheran Home.

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