What is a 'near occasion of sin' to you?


We are told to avoid ‘near occasions of sin’.

I remember someone commenting that going to the beach is nearly always a near occasion of sin. I’m not convinced of this in my case as long as I can keep my eyes in check - and that means no staring or ‘second looks’. I grew up in the beach suburbs and still do Summer fitness training there. Avoiding the beach would be great sacrifice for me.

Television these days could be described as a near occasion of sin. Any takers?



I would say it would differ between people. I mean you could say that opening your eyes in this world is a near occasion of sin, due to the secular nature of it.

God Bless :slight_smile:


Putting myself in a situation where I know I will be tempted


work - with aggravating, irresponsible people


Exactly. However, is it only a sin if you do it on purpose? If it is an accident (i.e. the “wrong” type of site on the internet) I do not believe it is a sin.


Haha, Amen to that!!


One of main sins is sloth or laziness. An occasion of sin would be going to bed knowing that I will take forever to get up again. I have tried sleeping without a pillow and holding a crucifix instead of my pillow. I did that all during Lent and it worked a few times. I honestly need to just do some acts of the will. I get up like an hour after I’m supposed to sometimes.:frowning:


I have a constant problem with sins of the flesh. Mostly the 'big M". I find that when I fall it usually starts with Internet porn. Just surfing to the questionable sites is my “near occasion of sin” I suspect I am not alone.


No pyro, I’m right there with you. And yes, it starts with Internet porn, which then brings about masturbation. It seems the more you try and fight it, the more Satan will attack, however, I do believe there is victory to be had. You gotta fight the good fight, pray the Rosary every day, keep yourself around positive and uplifting people (something I’m trying to do), and otherwise surround yourself with God as much as possible. If you’re going to use the Internet for whatever purposes, it’s usually best to use it in a public area (I like going to Panera Bread), that way, you won’t be able to act on temptations to visit sites which might cause you to sin.

I fell into it again last night. I’m now up early, trying not to think about all the time I wasted, and am slowly coming back to life. I intend on going to breakfast, coming back, praying the Rosary, and otherwise trying to meditate on God. When you fall down, you’ve got to get back up! Satan will attempt to pummel you when he knows you’re at your weakest. You can’t beat yourself up over it, and also, accept that God loves and forgives you, just as He does all other sinners, no more, no less.

Just my two cents.


Cinnamon-scented pinecones and hiccups. No, seriously, they both put me in such a rotten mood that I’m prone to lash out.


Here’s a help: When you get up in the morning, pray 3 Hail Marys. Before going to bed, pray 3 Hail Marys. Say the rosary everyday. Adhere to this everyday.


These are heroic times we live in,

for you not to go to the beach or watch tv would be very extreme and very drastic. However, it would be heroic to avert your eyes to a heroic extreme for fear of offending God. “Who is all good and deserving of all your love.”

At the moment that you resist His grace…you are left to your own concupiscience to fall into the “near occasion of sin”.

Does it make sense to you?

Confession is the inexhaustible source of renewable grace.


Praise God, my near occasions to sin are massively reduced since last Lent. That was when I gave up all movies that included indecently clad (or unclad) women, all news stories and all fiction books that involve sexually stimulating content. I may give up going to the beach as well . . . I haven’t really thought about it. The thing is, right now I’m okay because I go early enough in the morning that there aren’t many people at all, and the few that are there tend to be decently clad. I think I’ll keep going as long as it’s decent, but if it starts becoming an occasion to sin, I’ll give it up. Since last Lent when the Lord deep-cleaned all this junk out of me, my mind has become almost completely cleansed of any sexual thought. It’s wonderful.

I think the idea Jasphair suggested of only going online when in a public place is an excellent one.

Ironically, perhaps my most recent “near occasion to sin” is CAF. Hanging out online here is addictive and can become a substitute for me for fulfilling my responsibilities in life.

Another near occasion to sin for me is deserts and great food. I’m trying to maneuver away from overeating, so as to gain control of my flesh better. It’s hard work. My Mom makes great meals.


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