What is a non-Catholic allowed to do at Mass?

Hi, I am just beginning the RCIA process and have a question about what I am allowed to do. I know that I can not take part in Communion yet, but what about making the sign of the cross? Is there anything else that I shouldn’t be doing before actually becoming a member of the Church? I want to make sure that I am not being offensive to other Catholics.

As a congregant, a non-Catholic is allowed to do as much as do Catholics in the pews with the exception of receiving Communion. You can make the sign of the cross; mark your forehead, lips, and chest; kneel; stand; etc. Those non-Catholics who are guests (as distinguished from RCIA members such as yourself) also can participate to the extent they feel comfortable doing so, excepting the reception of Communion. If they are merely there as observers who do not wish to participate, they need only stand when the congregation does and otherwise sit quietly.

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