What is a rightly ordered life?

I’m mainly talking about externals that aren’t really connected to virtue, like, let’s say, having a clean house. God obviously wants us to be good stewards of the possessions He’s given us, but we have a lot of wiggle room about what that looks like. God wants us to take care of our bodies, so that we don’t sin against the 5th commandment, but some people go to the gym everyday and never eat junk food, most people don’t live up to that standard. SOme people floss after every meal, others never do.

Some people always look well put together, other people look a little schlubby. Some people keep strict budgets, others are looser with their money, without incurring debt. SOme families have many traditions and customs, and adhere to a strict and busy schedule, others are less active. SOme people are very strict with their children, others are more relaxed. You get the idea

If we want to please God, how should we live? What rule or principal can we go by to rightly order our lives? It seems that Our Lady would have a lot to say about this too, but I can’t find anything really concrete.

I know God gives us freedom in the non-essentials, but I want to please Him especially in every aspect of my life. I’ve looked into living by a rule, like the Confraternity of Penitents, but I don’t think I could pull that off (never go to the movies? :eek:)

This kind of stuff is constantly bugging me, because I feel like I’m falling short, but I don’t really know how to live a rightly ordered life, or what that is.

PS - Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

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