What is a saint ? What do you think of these ideas ? What are your ideas on this and your own ideas?


My dearest friends and fellow children of our Blessed Mother,
It seems to me that most catholic’s have the wrong idea about what a saint is. I would like to explore this question, get your feedback and ideas, and see what conclusions we can draw.
My thoughts : Most people look at our saints and see the extraordinary things and deeds such as stigmata, bilocating, levitating, no food bar communion, spending whole nights on their knees with perfect posture and perfectly still in prayer etc etc. This would put many people off the idea of striving for sanctity. This is wrong. We are all called to be saints as the church tells us in the Vatican II document , the universal call to holiness. We don’t have to have all these external signs of holiness to be saints. It’s great if 1 in a billion of us does but for the very vast majority of us we will never experience such extraordinary things. We are called to become saints in an ordinary human way. To me sanctity consists in the state of your soul and your conformity to the will of God. All God and our Blessed Mother want to do in sanctifying us is to make us more human, to make us the human beings we were meant to be. This is probably why Mother Teresa would say there is nothing extraordinary about holiness when people called her a saint. To be a saint is to be fully human, the people we were meant to be.
This is what all the grace we receive is meant for. It’s meant to help us be more united with the will of God. The greater our union with the will of God the more human we become. The 10 commandments or Decalogue are given to us to show us how to live naturally, as the human beings we were intended to be.
We should look for God in the ordinary, seemingly mundane things we experience every day. We will find God there. We should not look for God in the extraordinary unless we’re one of the very few who may experience this. Where God is His Blessed Mother is too. If we want to become saints we are best to approach our Blessed Mother and open our hearts and minds to her. She is the Mediatrix of Grace, and will fill our hearts and souls with grace if we love her, are devoted to her and do what she asked. She has told us at Fatima what she wants. If we are to become saints we should do everything she asked and let Her Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in our hearts and souls. When we do this she will shower many blessings on us in the realm of grace. Grace is the greatest treasure we can have and all grace comes to us through her. She wants to reign in our hearts and souls so she can more perfectly form us into her Son. This is the purpose of our lives, to become the people we were meant to be by becoming like our Blessed Lord. This is what our Blessed Mother wants for us , and she will help us if we allow her to. So open up to her and allow our Blessed Mother to reign triumphantly in your heart and soul. But don’t be selfish, give this gift to others too. We all have talents we can use to do this in whatever ways we are able.
I welcome your input on this subject or other.
God bless you and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign in your hearts and souls.:):):slight_smile:


My dearest friends and fellow hildren of our Blessed Mother

I’m going to try and show a way that will make you happier than you have ever imagined you could be. I am going to explore a few subjects that are all relevant. I welcome any thoughts, input and questions any may have.

Firstly please read my theory of the equilibrium that is finely balanced and how w are supposed to live naturally and in harmony with nature to become the people God always intened us to be -

Like most people it’s been a question on my mind too. It’s a stumbling block for millions I think. This is very sad because I’ve gotten to know God a little and he is all goodness, love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and the like to me. How can you reconcile that natural disasters, wars, crimes etc happen to people and especially good people. I’ve done some thinking and don’t know if it’s right. I’m simply trying to explain a major stumbling block for believers and unbelievers. I’m trying to do this because there is clearly something wrong with many people’s perception and understanding of God. We really must just trust God when we don’t understand something. Here is my theory.
I am not a greeny or environmentalist but I do love the environment. God created this natural world for us and we can use it as we wish but if we abuse it it’s to our detriment. God created a perfect world. When he created our world he looked and saw that it was good we read in genesis. And so it was and is. God created man and saw that he was good too.
When we mess with nature there are consequences. We hear about it every day. We are meant to live in harmony with nature. It’s not a sin not too but we suffer if we don’t. There is an equilibrium in nature that is very finely balanced by God. This balance was set during the creation.
We are a part of this natural world and are meant to live naturally too. This means we’re supposed to obey Gods law – the natural law. We affect the equilibrium with our behavior. The equilibrium was set at creation and God cannot change it. Why should he. He made a perfect world and perfect man and woman. All was fine and man and nature were in perfect harmony in the beginning.
But man sinned and this upset the equilibrium. It was the serpent that deceived man and continues to do so today and until the end of time. The serpent knew he would cause this terrible imbalance and throw the equilibrium off track. The serpent works very hard to keep our world and us imbalanced and out of harmony with each other because he can wreak havoc with us and our world like this.
When we sin we throw the balance out further and automatically bring punishments on ourselves. God does not always do this, nor does he desire this. God is all goodness and love. I’ve often heard people talk about Gods infinite mercy and infinite justice and wondered how they blend. It’s occurred to me that infinite justice is not always bad or means punishment. Justice can mean a reward too. It can be good. But the point being that God created our world and us and saw we were good and perfect and set up laws to govern everything and if we throw things out of balance by going against those laws then punishments can come. God can punish countries, cities, people etc if he wants because God can do anything he likes but I’m speaking of something different here.
What did Cain say after he slew Abel and God asked where Abel was? “ Am I my brother’s keeper?” This angered God because we are our brother’s keeper. The human race is in this together. We all have to do our part to try and keep the equilibrium in balance. This is why our Lady of Fatima asked us to offer prayers and sacrifices for world peace, the conversion of sinners and to atone for sins against Her Immaculate Heart. We have to try and make up for our brothers who are failing. What did the apostle John say in old age when asked the most important thing to do’” Little children, love one another. “ Is that not the perfect fulfillment of the law that would remedy every evil in our world if all would listen and practice it? Yes, it is. But because many aren’t we receive punishments. Not always from God but automatically and it’s our own fault for being unnatural. We’re all in this together.
It appears that since the 1960’s we have seen too much sin and we need to do prayer and penance like our Lady of Fatima asked. Either the mystical body of Christ reigns or the mystical body of satan will. The latter is winning now and the antichrist which is the demonic influence working through people has grown way too strong. It may be too late to stop it this time but we must try. The elect must do prayer and penance. It does matter and will only benefit us and the whole of humanity.
So get out your rosary beads and make a few little sacrifices each day. If we do our bit that’s all that’s asked.
God bless you all and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in all our hearts and souls:):):slight_smile:



My dear friends and fellow children of our Blessed Mother

I mention in my theory of why bad things happen to us that God can punish. I would like to expand my theory on this point for a moment. God can and does punish us from time to time. He only dooes this when it’s absolutely necessary though - not always. Everything God does is motivated by love, and God does everything His children need. Whilst it’s true to say God can and does punish us it’s false and wrong at the same time. The reason I say this is that you must look at the motivation to determine what is done. When we smack or discipline our own children we don’t ( or aren’t supposed to for some ) do this to harm them but rather to help them grow and become better children and for their own good. Our motive is good. It’s the same with our Heavenly Father, He may at times send us or allow us to experience suffering or trials but this is because He sees our whole eternity and desperately wants us to get to heaven. If He sees we are going off track or headed for ruin He will intervene to try and help us avoid the ruin. If we were perfect God would never send us suffering or trials. God is love and can only love us. He loves us all unconditionally and with infinite love, mercy and compassion. Most people are misunderstanding God I think. They fret and worry over every little thing and are always concerned their displeasing God or not good enough or fear God does not love them. This attitude and idea is all wrong. God loves us all no matter what we are or do. God is constantly giving us everything we need including grace so we can be saved. He provides for us with an unconditional love for us. When trials come it is for our own good, and although it’s often hard we should thank God for our crosses because He is doing this for our own good as any good father does for his deeply loved children. God is a sculptor and he wants to make us His masterpieces - Saints. If we just trust God all will be well. Everything will be ok. We just need to have a holy desire and try our best, and God and our Blessed Mother will take care of all. We don’t need to worry about anything if we just try our best. In the end the only thing God wants from us is that we love Him. He only wants our love. We have many ways that have been established by the church we can use to express our love for God. We are all religious beings, we do everything religiously, and this is why God has established our religion. God knows that we are very religious and the best way for us to worship and love Him is in a religious manner. Hence the need for organised religion. If we were not religious beings God would likely have us do things differently. God has ordained how things be done in accord with the best way for us to do them - religiously. Many times things happen and we don’t understand why. We should just try and trust in God who sees all, including our whole eternity, and is always working for our good and the good of all. He is love and can only love.

God bless you and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in all our hearts and souls:):):slight_smile:


My dear friends and fellow children of our Blessed Mother
I would like to expand on my theories of why we should live in harmony with nature and naturally. I welcome your input etc once again.
Why does the catholic church teach us we must be holy – saints? Most people think they will be sad and unhappy if they are saints. Most don’t see much point to all the hard work required to achieve this.
Let’s explore this question of why we should always strive for greater holiness – sanctity, for a little while. Let us see if it’s really worthwhile and if there are any benefits for us if we do this.
I’m sure you have read my theory of what is a saint and the one about why bad things happen to us. I hope I’m safe assuming this so you can understand my ideas better.
I see people everywhere who are not living the natural way God intended them to live or in harmony with nature. They are clearly unhappy because of this and I don’t think they can see it. All the worries, fretting, anxiety, doubts, stress, fears, suffering, sickness, natural disasters, war’s , crime , all evils and the like are almost all as a result of not living naturally or in harmony with the natural world ( nature ). This lifestyle is throwing out the equilibrium and just multiplying the problem for all too. All the animals, insects and creatures on the earth can see we are living unnaturally and out of harmony with nature and usually fear us and won’t come near us because of this. But I’ll first focus on the pros and cons a little.
I don’t see any cons with the way of life I’m recommending. When we lives as we were meant we become very happy, serene, full of joy and peace. When we don’t we have the problems like the ones I mention. People are often going to psychologists, counselors, doctors, various therapies or looking for the answers in new age spirituality, yoga, meditation and various religions or spiritualities. I think people are waking up that they have spiritual needs and are desperately looking for a way to fulfill these so they can be happy. People are turning to alcohol, drugs and all sorts of sin to try and fulfill this need and to be happy. These things will not fully satisfy us. With many of them they will make the problems for us and all much worse by throwing the equilibrium even more out of balance. We all want to be happy and the only way we can fully achieve this is to live in the natural way God always intended us to live and in harmony with nature- the church calls this striving for holiness, or to be a saint.
The holier we become the greater our happiness. The chief means the church gives us to achieve this holiness we need is the sacraments, but we must also pray, follow the teachings of our Lord and strive to be good and virtuous people by obeying the 10 commandments which is the natural law ( the way we are meant to naturally live ). We can only achieve this total fulfillment we need in the catholic church.
So let’s learn and try to be very holy. This will make us happy and make the world a much better place for all.
God bless you all and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in all our hearts and souls:):):slight_smile:
If you like my theories please check back because I’ll be adding more theories and developing them all over time.


A saint is what we’re all called to be. THE saints are the people who have answered that call. But they weren’t perfect. They still had their struggles, til the day they died. But they persevered, and I think that’s the key. They trusted in God in way most of us still have a hard time doing.

Saints Behaving Badly was a great book with a great message about just that.


Saints are all humans who are now in Heaven.


Thank you for those wise words my dear friends Avery77 and thistle. You quite right too. There are no saints this side of the grave either. One sin will drag a saint right down to earth. I’ve heard saints struggle with a fear of sinning because they know it’ll take years to get back to where they were.

On the topic of the benefits of sanctity. Many people suffer depression. Some do need psychaiatrists and medication for sure, but many can overcome depression through holiness as mentioned. Saints are just about always very happy people, even amidst great adversity, so we can see in the lives of the saints.

We all want to live forever. This is normal and natural for us. It’s the way it was meant to be - hence the desire for eternal life in us. With original sin we lost this but what was Gods response? Many focus on Him saying - dying you shall die the death. But I see that as just pointing out the natural consequence of sin. What we should focus on is Him telling us He will send a new Adam and a new Eve ( Jesus and Mary ) to atone for the sin of the first ones. His immediate response when we’ve fallen from grace through our unnatural behaviour is to tell us He’s going to fix it so we can still have eternal life. Later we learn He means He is going to sacrifice Himself ( Jesus ) and die for us so we can still live forever. But is there any end to the love of God. We end up with a much better eternal life than we started with. Now we can go to heaven and live in unimaginable bliss for eternity. This is the love of God - infinite and more generous than we can ever imagine. This God seems very loveable to me. And He has spared no effort in giving us the very best Mother, in our Lady, He could too.

God bless you and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in all our hearts and souls:):):slight_smile:


Saint Mary of Egypt was a former prostitute-

From The Catholic Encyclopaedia:

St. Mary of Egypt

Born probably about 344; died about 421. At the early age of twelve Mary left her home and came to Alexandria, where for upwards of seventeen years she led a life of public prostitution. At the end of that time, on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, she embarked for Palestine, not however with the intention of making the pilgrimage, but in the hope that life on board ship would afford her new and abundant opportunities of gratifying an insatiable lust. Arrived in Jerusalem she persisted in her shameless life, and on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross joined the crowds towards the church where the sacred relic was venerated, hoping to meet in the gathering some new victims whom she might allure into sin. And now came the turning-point in her career. When she reached the church door, she suddenly felt herself repelled by some secret force, and having vainly attempted three or four times to enter, she retired to a corner of thechurchyard, and was struck with remorse for her wicked life, which she recognized as the cause of her exclusion from the church. Bursting into bitter tears and beating her breast, she began to bewail her sins. Just then her eyes fell upon a statue of the Blessed Virgin above the spot where she was standing, and in deep faith and humility of heart she besought Our Lady for help, and permission to enter the church and venerate the sacred wood on which Jesus had suffered, promising that if her request were granted, she would then renounce forever the world and its ways, and forthwith depart whithersoever Our Lady might lead her. Encouraged by prayer and counting on the mercy of the Mother of God, she once more approached the door of the church, and this time succeeded in entering without the slightest difficulty. Having adored the Holy Cross and kissed the pavement of the church, she returned to Our Lady’s statue, and while praying there for guidance as to her future course, she seemed to hear a voice from afar telling her that if she crossed the Jordan, she would find rest. That same evening Mary reached the Jordan and received Holy Communion in a church dedicated to the Baptist, and the day following crossed the river and wandered eastward into the desert that stretches towards Arabia.

Here she had lived absolutely alone for forty-seven years, subsisting apparently on herbs, when a priest and monk, named Zosimus, who after the custom of his brethren had come out from his monastery to spend Lent in the desert, met her and learned from her own lips the strange and romantic story of her life. As soon as they met, she called Zosimus by his name and recognized him as a priest. After they had conversed and prayed together, she begged Zosimus to promise to meet her at the Jordan on Holy Thursday evening of the following year and bring with him the Blessed Sacrament. When the appointed evening arrived, Zosimus, we are told, put into a small chalice a portion of the undefiled Body and the precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ (P.L. LXXIII, 686; “Mittens in modico calice intemerati corporis portionem et pretiosi sanguinis D.N.J.C.” But the reference to both species is less clear in Acta SS., IX, 82: “Accipiens parvum poculum intemerati corporis ac venerandi sanguinis Christi Dei nostri”), and came to the spot that had been indicated. After some time Mary appeared on the eastern bank of the river, and having made the sign of the cross, walked upon the waters to the western side. Having received Holy Communion, she raised her hands towards heaven, and cried aloud in the words of Simeon: “Now thou dost dismiss thy servant, O Lord, according to thy word in peace, because my eyes have seen thy salvation”. She then charged Zosimus to come in the course of a year to the spot where he had first met her in the desert, adding that he would find her then in what condition God might ordain. He came, but only to find the poor saint’s corpse, and written beside it on the ground a request that he should bury her, and a statement that she had died a year before, on the very night on which he had given her Holy Communion, far away by the Jordan’s banks. Aided, we are told, by a lion, he prepared her grave and buried her, and having commended himself and the Church to her prayers, he returned to his monastery, where now for the first time he recounted the wondrous story of her life.

The saint’s life was written not very long after her death by one who states that he learned the details from the monks of the monastery to which Zosimus had belonged. Many authorities mention St. Sophronius, who became Patriarch of Jerusalem in 635, as the author; but as the Bollandists give good reasons for believing that the Life was written before 500, we may conclude that it is from some other hand. The date of the saint is somewhat uncertain. The Bollandists place her death on 1 April, 421, while many other authorities put it a century later. The Greek Church celebrates her feast on 1 April, while the Roman Martyrology assigns it to 2 April, and the Roman Calendar to 3 April. The Greek date is more likely to be correct; the others may be due to the fact that on those days portions of her relics reached the West. Relics of the saint are venerated at Rome, Naples, Cremona, Antwerp, and some other places


My dear friend Benedict

I love your story you posted. I think todays desert is the faithless and barren souls in our many cities. I think we should go into this desert and make it fruitful by making our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in all these barren and dried up souls. What do you think dear friend?
I like your posts too. Please keep it up.

God bless you and may our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart reign Triumphantly in your heart and soul:):):slight_smile:


Our Western civilization is really a barren desert, I agree.


My dear friends

More on the equilibrium. To regain what was lost with sin one must get in perfect tune with the equilibrium. This is done by perfectly fulfilling Gods will - live in a perfectly natural manner and in perfect harmony with nature. By the perfect fullfillment of Gods will our whole lives become prayer that rises to God like a beautiful sympthony playing. All living things in our world are doing Gods will perfectly and therefore they too are a beautiful sympthony rising up to God. The grass we walk on is praying. The birds are singing a song of praise to the Lord. Sin is the only thing that blocks us from truly getting in touch with nature. If we overcome sin and live naturally and in harmony with nature we can regain paradise in my opinion. Paradise is still here and all around us. It is a state of being and heightened sense of awareness through eyes untouced by sin that is paradise. Become the human being you were always meant to be and you can get paradise back in my opinion.

What do you think of this theory friends?

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


My dear friends

Further to this theory- if a living thing in our world does Gods will it prays. To do Gods will consciously or unconsciously is to pray. this means that even pagans sometimes pray. Perhaps some will be saved by this unwittingly. It may be better to do apostolate with better people because they receive more grace from this prayer even if their irreligious? Perhaps this is why their easier to convert partly. If so, its probably a good idea to get pagans to do Gods will so they pray. If this is right then demons and damned souls could pray if they were able to, but they have wills fixed on evil and cannot.

My ex - SD asked me if I used to smoke too much marijuana? :(The answer is NO, if any think I sound like a 60’s hippie.:smiley:

God bless you all



I think I’ll shut up and try and stay away from here and everywhere for a while. i’m having a meltdown I think. It may not last long. I hope it doesn’t. I’m just so hurt by everything and am going thru all the pain of a lifetime and grief combined and it’s too much for me. I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow and see what he says. I don’t have trouble with depression but think I am now. It’s like a wife and 8 kids were just killed in a car crash. I’m broken by all this and the rest. If those whom I know read this can please understand I’m having a big breakdown but have been thru a lot of pain and suffering before and will carry on and bounce back soon. I don’t think I’ll need hospitalisation and will try to continue working. I’ll ask the doctor what I should do of course. It’s just all been too much as said. If anyone else can pray for me its appreciated. John:(


John, I think I have a simple answer for you. A saint is someone who hates evil… and looks for and finds Our Lord Jesus Christ in his/her fellow human beings. And loves them, accordingly. For in doing so, they know that they are loving and serving Our Lord, Himself.

The greatest example of this, in our times… was Blessed Mother Teresa. Of course, Blessed Mother Teresa was “called” to do a certain type of work, for Our Lord. I’m not suggesting that everyone is called to work in the slums of Calcutta. But I believe that we are all called… to find Jesus in those around us, in whatever our life circumstances and do our best to love and serve Him in our daily lives.

All of us CAN do this. :yup:

Great, thought provoking topic, John. God bless. And you are in my prayers, dear soul.


[FONT=Calibri]My Retraction Re my Spiritual Director[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]My SD is a very good and holy man. I should not have made him the target in my grief. I lashed out and the person who has the most influence with me and who has been intimately involved in my spiritual life and the person who knows me best was unfortunately fair game. I apologise to him most profusely. He told me many years ago spiritual directors can be used by the good Lord to try people. I believe my spiritual director has always done Gods will and acted in an appropriate manner. He just didn’t know the pain I went through. The pain was a cross the good Lord has willed for me and it’s caused great suffering. It was suffering from God to purify and sanctify me. It was not my spiritual directors fault. I guess God knows how to purify us and He did this with me. Spiritual direction is a great blessing for all. I highly recommend it. Once again I apologise to my spiritual director and ask him to understand my frail and unstable state of mind when I lashed out. I’m sorry. I appreciate the kind words and support and prayers of all. It’s helping. Thank you. Please pray for my spiritual director in case he’s hurt by this.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]God bless all and my spiritual director:([/FONT]


JR, I hope you are feeling better. I agree that many of the saints lived in great harmony with nature. It is certainly God’s will that we treat nature with respect and care.

One theory has it that nature itself is in some ways rebelling from the years of abuse inflicted upon it by mankind. The natural disasters, storms, floods, earth quakes are seen as natures way of defending itself from mankinds abuse and mistreatment. The earth is seen like a living organism that is reacting to an infection. That may be in part what is happening but I’m not sure that is the definitive answer for natural disasters.

My take on sainthood, is someone who strives to be the best possible person that they can be, I once heard from someone that if you want to be a saint, be the best father that you can, be the best husband that you can be. IF you are a technician, be the best technician or worker that you can be. IF you are a soldier, be the best possible soldier that you can be. We should live our lives as examples to others. When we live our lives as best as we can, we show what Christians or Catholics should be like.

IF we live with courage, love, charity, honesty, humility, and integrity, people will recognize us for what we are, followers of Christ. Jesus call us to be perfect as Our Father in Heaven is perfect. Even though no one but God is ever perfect all the time, our goal is to keep striving for perfection. It is the attempts to reach perfection that we take steps towards sainthood. We may fall often but each time we are to get up and continue on our journey.

How nature plays into this, I’m not certain. We all certainly have to be concerned for the welfare of our environmnt, and we are all called to be good stewards in caring for our world, so our children and future generations can still have a liveable world. Being in good harmony with nature is very important, but I’m not sure it is the only thing or definitive factor that make one a saint. Folks need to be in good harmony with other people as well.

While being a destoryer of the environment may get you eternal punishment. I’m not sure being a savior of the environment alone with get you eternal reward. You do have some very interesting theories though.

May Christ’s Peace be with you.


My dear friend

Many thx for your input. You should read my theory on the equilibrium re the consequences of abusing nature. In my opinion it’s responsible for most of our problems. I don’t think God punishes us directly but rather we punish ourselves by being unnatural and hence God only punishes us indirectly. It’s right to say God punishes us because He does indirectly and can directly for our own good if He wants.

There is a big question as to what makes one a Saint. I have my theory which may have been an enlightenment on the subject or imagination? But to me it makes perfect sense now. What makes you a Saint is the degree of holiness you have. What is holiness? At Mass every day we hear the prayer - You are holy and the source of all holiness. God is the only holy thing and the source of all holiness. Only He can make something holy. We are holy according to how much we share in the Divine life. This is called Grace. The more Grace we have the holier we are. In order to receive Grace we must do Gods will. A soul in Grace is holy. A soul overflowing with grace is sanctity. Our Blessed Mother was full of grace- this means She had more grace than anyone. I conjecture She had more grace than the rest of us combined. But I’m biased. I like to think the best of my Mother. Others have said the same though. We receive grace through prayer. Prayer can take many forms. The most excellent prayer is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. the other sacraments, Then contemplation, meditation, suffering, vocal and mental prayers ( a vocal prayer must be mental as well ) the presence of God, then doing Gods will. St Paul tells us we should pray constantly. This only becomes possible if we constantly keep the presence of God or at least do Gods will. Even sleep is prayer if it’s Gods will as it is if done naturally and normally. Some prayers are greater and more beneficial than others. I have tried to list them in order of benefit. By praying constantly in this manner our greater prayers like Mass and contemplation etc have a greater value. We all know the holier we are the more powerful our prayers are. Continual prayer is what God wants and it’s easily achievable when looked at this way. Work, study, sleep, tidying up, washing, eating and everything are meant to be prayer. We just have to do Gods will at a minimum and we pray constantly. This constant prayer is what gives us grace and sanctifies us. Perfection is union with God. Union with Gods will is what increases our union with God in the form of Grace. We are perfected by being in union with God. United with His will and overflowing with His life. This is what makes us holy.

continued below-


We need to care for the environment and all living things- not because it’s a sin not too, but because we have to. When we abuse nature and the natural world we throw the equilibrium out of balance and cause suffering for ourselves in many different forms. Unnatural living by us throws it out and we know most of the consequences of sin or unnatural living. I’m not a greenie or environmentalist but if we don’t live naturally and in harmony with nature this is the cause of every single evil in our world. God would not even have to test or purify us, if we lived naturally and in harmony with nature, directly or indirectly. We would have paradise back as we were meant to. We can get paradise back but we must be Saints for this. I have a fear of spiders and earlier today I looked out my window and there was a nasty one on there in my room. I thought I’ll kill it. Pesty thing. Then I thought why should I. It’s hurting noone. It’s actually doing Gods will and why should I begrudge it for doing Gods will. It’s praying always and we almost always are not doing Gods will and praying constantly as we ought. We have estranged these creatures by our sin. They can see how unnatural we are and fear us. I have no problem with using things from the natural world for food, clothes etc and I know it’s not a sin to kill creatures but why should we if we don’t have to? If we do so unnecessarily we upset the equilibrium too and this causes grief for us. We are not separate from or superior to anything in the natural world. We are all Gods creatures and creation. We should love nature and the natural world and use it wisely. We’re meant to be stewards and not destroyers. I’m not a hippie either. That is my take on this in brief. If anyone else has good ideas then shoot.

I am feeling better now thanks to all who offered kind words and prayers. Thank you too. I had a breakdown but I think people have been praying to our Blessed Mother and She is helping me. Keep it up friends.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


JR, be very careful with your health both physical and mental. IF you suspect something is wrong get help as soon as possible. I too went through a mental break down (20 years ago) and a heart attack (6 years ago). Regular physicals helps and I try to be very aware of how my mental state is, although that is more difficult if you are not in actual therapy.

I agree that humans in general have thrown off the natural balance of things. Our use or abuse of the environment is leading us towards disaster. Since your theory is strongly based on restoring or abiding by the natural order or keeping harmony with nature, are you advocating a ‘return to nature’ or a scaling back of technology ??

Most modern advances occur in direct conflict with nature. We either upset the nature balance of things -like over use of some resources -oil or fossil fuels, or we outright destroy some natural habitats such as the rain forests or by poluting rivers/streams.

I’m sure the world would benefit greatly if large populations of humans would return to more natural modes of transportation and living with less impact on natue, but I would think it is not practical in many areas.


My dear friend

Thanks for your advice. The doctors are onto me.
I’m not sure it’s possible to change the way we live now and I’m not an expert on living naturally. I think the church could delve into Genesis and pull out the meaning of how we should live by studying Adam and Eve before the fall. Everything I’m saying here is based on how our first parents lived before the fall. It’s too late to change but still great to talk about I think. If anyone changes it makes a difference though.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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