What is a Scientologist anyways????

Are they christians??? Do they believe in God, or a god??? Or … do they worship ‘science’??? I’m lost and confused on scientology, no one seems to know WHAT they believe…and WHERE did they come from??? Does anyone else think they reek of ‘cult’??? not tryin to be mean, but really? :shrug:

According to Wiki

[quote=wiki]Scientology is a set of beliefs written by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology describes itself as the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others, and all of life. One purpose of Scientology, as stated by the Church of Scientology, is to become certain of one’s spiritual existence and one’s relationship to God, or the “Supreme Being.”[1] One belief of Scientology is that a human is an immortal alien spiritual being, termed a thetan, that is trapped on planet Earth in a physical body. Hubbard described these “thetans” in “The Space Opera” cosmogony.

Scientology is quite a controversial subject. Here is some information from a rather impartial source:

As an “applied religious philosophy,” Scientology focuses on psychological technologies that people can use to make their lives better.

As such, it has very little to say about God, the afterlife or other speculative religious ideas. Just as Scientology is focused on humanity, so are its beliefs.

Nevertheless, the Church of Scientology considers itself a religion because of its focus on the soul and spiritual awareness and does include some beliefs on other traditionally religious subjects.

Scientology includes belief in God, but offers no details or doctrine about God. In his explorations, Hubbard noted the prevalence and importance of belief in a Supreme Being to all peoples. God is therefore the Eighth Dynamic, which is also known as Infinity. Scientologists who progress to the Eighth Dynamic come to their own conclusions regarding the Supreme Being. {2}


From a more enthusiastic source:

The main Scientology religious practice is spiritual counseling called “auditing.” It is a unique form of personal counseling intended to help an individual look at his own existence and improve his ability. Through viewing his own existence, an individual attempts to walk an exact route to higher states of awareness.

Auditing is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures. A Scientology counselor is known as an “auditor”. Auditing is assisted by use of a specially designed meter (E-Meter or Electro-psychometer) which helps locate areas of spiritual distress or travail by measuring the mental state or change of state of the person being audited.

An equally important Scientology practice is education in Scientology principles. This is called Scientology training. The religion teaches that auditing lets one see how something happened, while training teaches one why. Knowledge about the laws of life are necessary to maintain the personal freedom gained through auditing. If a person truly understands life, he can handle it.


Training is reportedly a very expensive process, with multiple levels.

ok so wait…we, are immortal aliens? from?? and were trapped inside human bodies? so…when we have kids…their ‘souls’ are actually aliens being magically transported from wherever we come/came from to an infants body here on earth?? and…god fits in where?? and people believe this?

lol…im even more confused sorry…so…do they go by the bible then?? or do they have thier own sci-fi novel???

They’ve some interesting…mythology going on.

and people believe this?

Wasn’t it Barnum who said a sucker was born every minute? Not to dismiss scientologist as suckers, but people are surprisingly gullible when you tell them what they want to hear. :shrug: Now how Lord Xenu and a volcano full of souls fits in to fufilling some sort of human desire if beyond me, but…the boat seems to float, eh?

You have to understand that Scientology is a non-Christian religion (or, perhaps, “belief system” might be a better description, but then, I ain’t no Scientologist).

If I told you about an invisible god who created the universe and watches over the whole world; who exists in three distinct parts, yet is still the same god, one of whose parts became human in a one-off demonstration of a perfect life; who was born of a specially-selected human virgin, who agreed to this (and not just born, but transumed, or something, from her womb), and sired by a holy ghost; who performed deeds which defy all laws of physics; who even came back to life after being dead for several days; who drifted up from the earth and went immediately to another dimension; whose literal body and blood is being eaten, two thousand years later, by his adherents every moment somewhere in the world; who promises to return from the sky at an unknown time in the future; whose adherents rely on translations of ancient texts, the originals of which they have never seen… and so on…

…well, you’d say I was crazy, right? A member of the strangest of cults.

A little tolerance, please.

I agree with hansard. I think we all grow up seeing certain religious beliefs as sensible, but reject those that sound different as being crazy. It might seem strange for people who grew up in a non-Christian country that Christians believe they have an invisible, magical, wish-granting friend. Even though I’m not a Christian, I guess I’ve just been brought up to see Christian beliefs as more sensible. So I naturally see a religion based on Lord Xenu and space aliens to be as crazy because it doesn’t fit with the types of religions I’ve come to see as normal. A lot of definitions of the word ‘cult’ involve it being outside the mainstream. But if you define it like this, then Christianity would have been a cult when it was first starting. I’m generally pretty careful about using the word cult, because I think it’s so easy to just call all religions that seem silly cults.

I do think that Scientology’s beliefs, E-meters and such, are not based on sound science, and I am troubled by some of the suspicious deaths that have been linked to Scientology. But I avoid calling them crazy because we all probably hold some beliefs that would seem crazy to others. The important thing is whether we have good reasons for holding those beliefs, not whether they seem strange to other people.

Why are you asking those questions HERE?


I like your style. Just wanted you to know that. You are, of course, absolutely right. I know very little about scientology (my brother was ‘into’ it for awhile, but he was not all that communicative about it with the rest of us.) I don’t even know where to go look to find out about it. My problem is that every site I find seems to be an ANTI-Scientology site, and I have a real problem with getting information about a belief system from people who don’t like it.

Scientology is an invented religion that uses psychological manipulation to control its members, and by the time people realize it, they are so deep, it is difficult to get out of it.

But, here’s the thing that’s the clincher, and why you shouldnn’t, under any circumstances, go with them to their buildings, even out of curiosity. They are set up for high pressure sales. Have you ever been in a high-pressure sales situation like, say, a time share, photography studio, etc? Well it’s like that, only 100 times more pressure.

Those who get involved are changed psychologically. This is the case with my brother, who has never been the same, altough he got out of it, eventually. They make you sign up for these expensive seminars, borrowing up to 10’s of thousands of dollars to go to these mandatory things. Then you owe them, you see. When my brother left, they sent some one to beat him up. If he had any real money to go after, they would sue him. He always lives in fear for his life. He left them, but part of that stuff stays with him. I believe they literally brainwashed him. That is why they take you on their “cruises”. Out at sea, there is no escape from this brainwashing.

I believe the organization targets people who are somewhat weaker in character, or, perhaps with low self-esteem. My brother wanted a leg up on his musical career, and thought this was the way to help him, because they play on these types of ambition to draw you in. I saw on youtube how a girl infiltrated them and filmed them, and they are after her now. She did this at great personal expense to herself. These people are not only pure evil, I have heard of demonic presences, etc. They are big on aliens, and I know
that among the Orthodox and other religious leaders, aliens are a form of demonic presence. I think it’s a modern form of the occult.

This is why I have a problem with finding out what Scientologists think and believe. They may be as evil as you say–but your experience with them is not conducive to your being objective. You may well be RIGHT 100% down the line, but here’s the deal: I’ve had too many people make claims like that about my own faith (well, not quite so horrendous, come to think of it, not even close…) that are absolutely false. These same people who are wrong about my faith are now telling me about Scientology. Why should I expect them to be any more accurate about that, or Catholicism or Jehovah’s Witnesses or anything else–than they are about my own belief system?

T’aint likely.

On the other hand, I do know that they are litigious (and that is a very big strike against them in my POV) and
that they have been convicted of doing things that are illegal and violent. One example is their books…the republication of which got the folks who did that in trouble. The Scientologists sued (of course.) and the defense was 'fair use." The scientologists came back and claimed that ‘fair use’ didn’t apply here; that even small passages required the permission of the publisher (which they didn’t have) and that fair use didn’t mean you could publish the whole thing without commentary anyway. No court has ever found that ‘fair use’ meant you could republish the whole book.

The court found against the Scientologists and called the reprints ‘fair use,’ even if it was the whole book without commentary. Why? Because the Scientologists refused to supply the original documents to the court for comparison; if the court could not compare the reprint to the original, it could not decide where the copywrite violation was.

Now that bothers me. THAT is secret and a problem, when they wouldn’t even supply their stuff to a court as evidence when they brought the lawsuit.

A similar thing, of course, happened to the LDS church recently, where some folks decided to print the ‘church operations manual’ in its entirety on the internet, again with out commentary. The church (which does not, in general, sue people) did sue over this one, and this time the church won. Why? Because the church had no problem with providing the publication to the court to prove the copywrite violation. Nor does the church have a problem with fair use, used the way it is supposed to be used—

This causes problems for me with Scientology, entirely aside from any doctrine they have.

Umm…because THIS is the WEBSITE i am ON…and???

People are posting forums about Mormons…which I believe I’ve seen you on…am I for some reason not to talk about scientology??..and I believe the forum is “Non-Catholic religions” … did I misinterpret that?

oh wow you answered your own question!! :thumbsup:

So try this site on for size.


Funny. :wink:

Why did you choose this website, among all others? Mouseclicks and google search terms are easy, after all…

Ah, (she goes bwa ha ha…) you walked into my trap, said the spider to the wee pretty fly…

I happen to have this quirk; I don’t believe in asking anybody but the true believers about the belief system. I am here to ‘defend’ Mormonism against people who talk about it inaccurately.

Not to prove that it’s true (nobody can prove religion true through debate!) but simply to correct erronious ideas about what our beliefs actually ARE. I am quite aware that LDS beliefs can sound strange to others, but not anywhere near as strange as what some people claim we believe–and are dead wrong about.

So…I haven’t seen any scientologists posting on non-Catholic religions. I suppose if there was one, this would be a pretty good place to come…but how can you find out what any religion really teaches when you ask people who don’t like it?

OK, end of homily. Personally, I don’t know where you would go to find out what Scientologists believe. There is an official Scientology site, that isn’t all that helpful (it brags a lot about how strong they are and how many people they have, and is very professionally designed) and I have read “Dianetics” and that didn’t do much for me. Other than that?

I don’t know what to tell you.

what question did I ask?

Yeah that pretty much was my intention with this thread, not to judge or critize, rather to find out WHAT they are…I mean, are they christians? Do they have a god? Like you said every where I look its really vague…like, no one REALLY knows what they believe…Even after all this I STILL dont LOL…but I think everyone was pretty fair…and the only reason I posted it on here is because this is the only website I belong to other than myspace, and believe me ain’t nothing intellectual goin’ on there :smiley:

But yeah, I was just curious…

If you want to find out the Scientologist’s concept of God, go back and watch reruns of Star Trek. It is a sci-fi idea of God. The individual is responsible for his own spiritual advencement. I am not sure, but I think there is belief in an after world where people exist on another plane of existence.

I think the organization withholds information from the public so that their curiosity will draw them in to find out more. My brother would never come forward with specific info., but I’m not sure if he wasn’t allowed, or if he wasn’t far enough along to receive such esoteric information. They dangle it in front of you like a carrot so you’ll buy more seminars. It’s new age occult and a moneymaking pyramid scheme all rolled into one.

If you want more specific information, you’ve got to go through their “program”, which you pay for. If that’s what you want, more power to you, but, why don’t you look into the Catholic Church? Our information is free, and, based on what my father and my husband put into the collection plate, they don’t ask for much, either. Oh, and our God is the real deal, BTW.

Ceil…you couldnt speak more truth… :thumbsup:

Also…I havent checked into this thead in a minute…but wasnt it the guy who created scientology that came up with the quote"

“If you want to get rich quick, create a religion”

That, paired along with all of the ‘seminar’s that you have to buy’ pretty much gives me an idea of where the motivation of scientology stands…

and no, i was NEVER considering switching faiths…I am perfectly content and happy and satisfied right where i am thank you lol… -wouldnt trade Him for the world :smiley:

Yes, the quote is:
“If you want to make a little money, write a book. If you want to make a lot of money, create a religion.”

L. Ron Hubbard is the guy who wrote the book “Dianetics” which is the foundation to Scientology. He was a bad science fiction writer and couldn’t really make any money off of his writings.

As a side note: stay away from programs like EST and Landmark Education. They are off shoots of Scientology. Landmark Education deriving from EST. They are “group awareness” programs that can be very dangerous.

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