What is a Soul?

I believe this is the correct forum for this discusion so here goes…

I was doing some research for another discussion in a different Forum and came across this document on the internet titled “What is the Soul”. I do not know the origins of it but I keep thinking about it and keep running it through my mind. It seems like really good insight about the soul but I am not 100% sure. What I wanted to know was your thoughts on it. So, if you would not mind, please read it and let me know what you like or do not like about it?

Here is the link to the document. freewebs.com/questionsoflife/soul.htm

Thank you for your time.

Hello, simple soul. http://bestsmileys.com/waving/5.gif

As to the Church’s teaching on the soul,
please see Roman numeral # II on the following webpage,
from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


And here is the link to the entire Table of Contents,
for the CCC.


[Actually, I wish that someone would explain the
distinction between ‘soul’ and ‘spirit.’]

I read about half of the webpage that you referred to.
My training was in philosophy, 40 years ago,
yet it would be difficult for me to address each point in the half-page
that I did read - because I’d have to take a trip through
many, many areas of learning, and that would be tedious, I think.

Man is defined, simply, as a rational animal…
who knows, and who knows that he knows.

When the theologians get rolling…dipping into
the realm of philosophy to ‘explain’ what a soul is,
it’s far more of a balm to the heart to know that
whatever makes me me - will live with God eternally.

I will try to further address the notion of ‘soul’
in the following post, OK?

Hopefully, other members of CAF will also offer thought on your question.


Definitions are wonderful. They are, in part, how we communicate cleary.
But when the world of the intellect, alone, is exalted,
many other beautiful realities are crowded out.

There is an Hasidic story, about Reb Zusia,
who was a Rabbi in the late 18th century.
It was said that Zusia was all down in heart,
one day, and those who loved him dearly
asked what was troubling him.

Zusia said that he was sad, because he would
never please God as Moses did.

Then Zusia brightened…

“But if I was Moses, then God wouldn’t have His Zusia.” http://bestsmileys.com/nono/9.gif

In the same way that we can readily understand what
Zusia meant - that is how it will be for us, as well.

We will know the living, eternal reality - of living with God forever,
being more ourselves than we ever were.

Best wishes, simple soul.


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