What is a truthful reply to this statement

I just realized there is no apologetic forum here however someone may be able to give direction…

How would you reply to someone who believes with certainty they " are saved" but the more troublesome for me in our conversations is they very often talk of others in terms “if they are saved” or " are they saved?" or “he is getting closer to being saved!”
I want to charitably and gently reply with Catholic truth.

This question is asked quite often here at CAF. Here is one thread from September-October last year. There have been others.

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We receive salvation through Christ. But St. Paul wrote to Timothy that he finished the race, that he fought the good fight. That after his entire life he didn’t fall away. SO, can one be saved one day and lose their salvation the next? St. Paul seems to think so. When someone asks me if I’m saved, I answer that I hope so.


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Matt 7:21 - and follow up with “what is the will of the Father?”

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No one knows 100 percent if they will be saved and even more so no one knows 100 percent the salvstion of another. This is the Protestant heresy of ‘Assurance if Salvation.’ We can know to some extent if we are in a state of grace but never 100 percent. We need the virtue of hope. If we knew 100 percent we would not need hope.


I am saved here and now but not yet, as I haven’t died and said my final “yes” to God, the moment that I died. Or “I was saved on the cross almost 2000 years ago, I say yes to God right now and hope to say “Yes” to God the moment that I die.”

I think one of the problems Protestants have is they do not distinguish between redeemed and saved. They view these words as the same thing.
We know they are different.
Christ died on the cross to redeem us all and gave us the opportunity to be saved provided we cooperate with God’s grace.

I say “Salvation is open for me through the sacrifice of Jesus. I am truly blessed”.


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I hope that I am saved. But it is on me to constantly try to amend my life from the sin that I have committed.
Confession, absolution, and a sincere effort to amend my life.

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