What is all this thing about the rapture?


Hello, does the bible in any way about the rapture?!


This was discussed yesterday on Dr. David Anders’ radio show. Basically, the “rapture” is a protestant contrivance that isn’t scripturally supported. He described it as a “third” coming of Christ. The bible only speaks of two, the incarnation, and the second coming.


There have been a number of Pentecostal authors who have written whole series of books about “The Rapture” popularizing it in the public domain. I think the main author was a guy named LaHaye. Sold a lot of books, mostly to the fundamentalist and Pentecostal crowd. As Eric said, it is a contrivance, not scripturally supported.

If I remember properly, the series was the “Left Behind” series of books. It simply believes that there will be a period of judgment where the righteous will be swept up in a rapture to be with God, and everyone else will be left behind. An idea that appears nowhere in Scripture.


Could you possibly send me a link that radio show!


Let me see what I can find. His EWTN radio show is titled “Called to Communion.”


Sort of. Certain Protestants have contended that verses n 2 Thessalonians refer to the “rapture”. John Nelson Darby, a 19th Century English minister, was a big mover of this idea. The “Left Behind” series is a pretty accurate representation of what they believe is going to happen.


It’s somewhere on here…http://www.ewtn.com/radio/weekday/calledtocommunion.asp


Ok, thanks alot Eric


It doesn’t. Those who believe in a rapture are generally misreading a passage from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.


Here’s another show where he talks about it. The discussion starts about the 32:22 mark. https://player.fm/series/catholic/called-to-communion-062018-explanation-of-the-rapture


Look it up in Wikipedia. It was the 19th c. invention of a Protestant minister.


Some one put together some Biblical passages and passed them down as a “vision” of what they believed God was Revealing; as man loves nuance, some ran with it.

The Truth is there but not as the imagined “rapture.”

Maran atha!



A rapture-like event is described in Scripture, and the word itself is taken from the Latin of 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The Rapture, as taught by Dispensationalists, completely lacks any reasonable Scriptural support and is mostly a 19th-century invention.

While Pentecostals are frequently Dispensationalists, not all Dispensationalists are Pentecostals. In my experience, Baptists and non-denominationals tend to be Dispensationalists. From what I’ve read, Presbyterians flirted with it early on due to the Westminster Confession’s mention of dispensations, but today, most Presbyterians seem opposed to it. I have met a couple Reformed Christians who believed it, but they were a bit mortified by the “pop Dispensationalism” in Left Behind, but I think they agreed with it but just didn’t think it was “academic” enough and made the whole system look bad to skeptics.


Before Left Behind hit the bookstores and the silver screen,author Hal Lindsay sold millions of his best seller “Late Great Planet Earth”, published about 1970. Really made the doctrine and line of thought mainstream, a lot of Catholics and others started seeing the ideas as quite ordinary, when a previous, more religiously literate generation, would have at least recognized it as an innovation



The bible says nothing about the rapture. This idea is an invention of a Protestant sect.


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