What is allowed by the Church in a dating relationship?


i know the teaching about not have sex before marrige. I live in Sweden and are right now member of a very liberal protestant church, and just now i have decided to become a catholic and i wanna try to live a catholic life as good as i can. I am 17 years old, so i am not married, so i am wondering about the relationship before the marrige, what actions are okay and not okay, like just kissing, cuddling? is it okay to move in and live together before as long stay away from just sex? Or any restrictions that exists or anything to think about in non-married relationships?

So please let me know about the church possition in questions of dating and all the time before getting married.

Thank you for taking your time! :slight_smile:

These links should help answer your question about intimacy while dating. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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