What is America Needs Fatima?

What is the Catholic Church’s stand on the site “America Needs Fatima”/“Tradition,Family Property” I’ve read that it is a cult originally started in Brazil. Is this organization sanctioned/approved by the Catholic Church, or is it just, as called in some areas, just a cult.

America Needs Fatima is a campaign run by the American Society in Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).

TFP began in Brazil and has a rocky relationship with the nation’s Catholic Bishops.

According to the 1985 National Conference of Bishops of Brazil’s General Assembly:

The lack of communion of TFP (the Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property) with the Church in Brazil, its hierarchy, and the Holy Father is well known…

…That being so, the Bishops of Brazil exhort Catholics not to join TFP or collaborate with it.

A letter written in April 1997 by the Secretary-General of CNBB reaffirmed the 1985 statement of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil and I have not seen anything to indicate that the Brazilian Bishops Conference has changed its position.

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