What is an "Auto Rosary"???


I saw “Auto Rosaries” like this one at EWTN’s online catalog, I understand are for praying the Rosary in your car.

Does anyone have one of these or know how you work through the beads? Looking at the picture, I am not immediately sure! Do they come with an instruction sheet?


I don’t know why there is only one bead between the crucifix and the medal, but I suspect it has the clasp to enable it to be hung from the rear view mirror. You would just pray each decade as per normal.


Yeah, that one bead between the Crucifix and medal was part of what puzzled me…there are tons of Rosaries like this in the catalog, I figured somebody here has to have one…no??


This looks very similar to some rosary bracelets. The one bead would be the Our Father bead. The ten beads in the ring are the Hail Mary beads. So you would say it without the 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys that normally come between the Creed and the first mystery. Not sure why this is an “auto” rosary and not just a brecelet rosary?


Wouldn’t an “auto rosary” be a rosary that prays itself? :wink:

Seriously, I would say the Apostles’ Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Marys and Glory Be on the crucifix and then the decades would be as normal using the Our Father bead and the Hail Mary beads over and over until you finish.

I don’t think there are hard and fast rules here.



Those Rosaries look sort of like Rosary bracelets – I see they’re meant to be hung from the rear-view mirror.

When I read “auto Rosary”, I was thinking of the dashboard-mounted ones, like this: :slight_smile:

Dashboard Rosary


I help out in our church’s religious goods store.
The item shown is usually to be hung from a car’s rear view mirror. However the one shown can also be worn as a bracelet. Similar decade Rosaries that are only met for the rear view mirror, have several more blank links between the clasps.

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HERE are some rosary bracelets - they can very easily be used in the car. They are nice for in the pocket too because they don’t take up much room or make your pockets bumpy.



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