"What Is And What Should Never Be"

A title can speak a thousand words. Please describe what the above lyrics mean to you?

Without a context, nothing at all.

Anything-social convention, family ties- that stands in the way of something desirable. Most people agree that this was about Robert Plant’s wife’s sister, he wanted her but for a thousand and one reasons, it didn’t materialize…until years later when he separated fom his wife and eventually had a baby with wife’s younger sister. I know, that’s a bit twisted.

Why not include the song title, or a stanza of the lyrics?

I seem to have a 1980s song in my head, with those or similar words. The song was about the ending of a romantic relationship; and I remembered it only because I so thoroughly dislike that sub-genre.

However, taken by themselves, the words have no meaning. What objectively “is” and what we think or believe “should never be” often coincide!


Are you referring to the Zeppelin song? Wasn’t that a love song? “Then what’s to stop us pretty baby, but what is and what should never be.” Chorus never made much sense to me: “Castle wind, tail spin, sail away, leave the day…”
But if you’re not referring to the Led Zeppelin song, then never mind.

I was thinking the same thing… but I’m a big Zep fan so…

I’m a Zeppelin fan too and I guess I’m kind of shocked that the OP would even quote it.:eek:

You never quite know what to expect from Robert (Sock, that is:D)

Yes, it’s Zeppelin.

I think this title could make a great philosophy test question measuring religious moral maturity.

Exactly! Zeppelin? I never would have thought. I used to use rock music and videos in my CCD classes to coincide with the lessons for my confirmation candidates. It kept all 30 of them awake and they paid attention and asked questions.

and yes…I did run the videos through with the DRE before I showed them, and no, I never showed MaDonna’s Like a Prayer or the Pearl Jam song Jeremy.

Whenever I listen to this song I cannot help but to think about the sorrowful state of us humans. It’s religious to me!

Remember the rumors that Jimmy Page was Satanic and all that?

Stairway to Heaven still on eof the best.:dancing:

It’s one of the first songs Page used his Gibson Les Paul for recording! :thumbsup:

Putting the meaning of LZ lyrics aside…It reminds me of a poem about the playful yet powerful Child Jesus coming to be born in the flesh…

…“and did the angels hide and seek Him or the nothing-horrors flee Him down the corridors of time?”

"Catch the wind
See us spin
Sail away
Leave today
Way up high
In the sky!

Yeah, whoa, but
The wind won’t blow
We really shouldn’t go
Only goes to show

That you will be mine
By takin’ our time"

It is “what’s to stop us, pretty baby.”

Some things are and should never be. It is all those things.

Yes, but not just the song, but the spirit that the song emits. The title is a masterpiece.

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