What is apologist?

I am new and I am curious what is an apologist is.

Apologist: Someone dealing in apologetics.
Apologetics: The branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.

Note that while it is related to “defense”, it does not carry the connotation of “excusing”. Most view an “apology” as an excuse for a wrong-doing. That is not what apologetics is for.

Rather, an apologist is concerned with defense, not excuse, of the truth of Christine doctrines.

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if its proving the truth of something why is it called apologetics?

isn’t apologising when you are sorry?

SYLLABICATION: a·pol·o·gist

NOUN: A person who argues in defense or justification of something, such as a doctrine, policy, or institution.

The Root word is Greek I think. i.e. Plato’s Apology
Genre - Oratory
Plato’s Apology is in the widest sense an example of forensic oratory, in which Socrates defends himself in court against his accusers. The Apology is also an important example of a fairly extensive literature designed to defend Socrates against his detractors and to present what his defenders believed to be the real Socrates. Finally, it should be noted that the Apology is a set of speeches recreated by a second party after the fact (like the speeches in Thucydides), and therefore should not be considered a word-for-word reproduction of what Socrates said on that occasion.

In todays meaning an apologist is someone who explains or defends a point of view.

Okay… I really dont know anything about being catholic I’m not one really but I want to know.

what do you believe in?

Words have more than one meaning. Also, some words change in meaning over time.

That is why I gave you the Dictionary definition of apologetics–so that you would understand that even though the most common use of the word “apology”* today* means excuse, the original, first, and specific use for the term as we use it in Catholic or indeed Christian teaching is what I stated:

A defense or proving the truth of Christian doctrine.

Like the bible?

[quote=L33T Rappa Mech]Like the bible?

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What forum can I ask about the catholic church in general?

[quote=L33T Rappa Mech]okay thanks.
What forum can I ask about the catholic church in general?

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