What is Apostolic Succession

Well this come up in another Trread last night and My friends was going to ask the question and forgot, so I,m asking for him.

I think the question is what do you know about Apostolic Succession or how do you explain Apostolic Succession

The unbroken succession of the popes and bishops that have kept the catholic faith from the apostles all the way to today. The ongoing authority to forgive and retain sin which is only evident in the one true catholic and apostolic church!

This is done by the ‘laying on of hands’ from Apostolic times to the present day without a single break since the original commission of Christ.

As we are on this topic, has anyone a clear idea of how the Apostolic Succession was broken in the Anglican (Episcopal) church? I heard it was because the principal bishops/ cardinals of the Catholic church of England during the time of Henry VIII were dismissed and Henry VIII appointed his own career bishops/cardinals… hence they could not legitimately pass on the Succession by the laying on of hands because they hadn’t recieved this themselves. I wonder if a few bishops did survive this period to pass on the Succession along some lines to the present day?? Does anyone know?


Henry proclaimed himself leader of the church once it broke away from rome! once he did this as well as disobey the pope he broke from the apostolic line. Therefore he has no authority as the roman catholic church.

Believe it or not the leader of the church in england isn;t a bishop or priest, it’s still the queen!

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