What Is Being Done To Reconcile the Churches?

Perhaps this is too bizarre a question, but are there any delegations of any of the Protestant denominations attempting to “come home” by way of conferences with the Vatican? And have there been any denominations that have returned to the fold?

I believe the Episcopal Church (or is the whole Anglican body) has met with Catholic Officials to resolve their differences. I don’t think as a whole it has gone very well, with that whole “papacy” thing getting in the way, but it has brought at least one parish over. There’s a Church in Arlington, St. Mary the Virgin, which was Episcopal, then around 1994, the entire parish converted to Catholicism (at least those that stayed around). They are able to celebrate the Mass using the “Anglican Rite”, but I don’t know what this all entails. I imagine the gay Bishop will prompt more priests and parishes to convert.

Aren’t the Lutherans also meeting every once in a while to discuss this?

Church of Christ? Last I checked, Hell hasn’t frozen over, so I doubt it.


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