What is Catholic belief on Rapture?

I am currently going through the RCIA classes and we have not yet began to talk about rapture. I was raised Baptist, and know only what the Baptists believe. What is the Catholic Churches stance? Is there anything in the CCC? http://forums.catholic.com/images/icons/icon5.gif

The Catholic Church, along with the majority of Protestants, does not hold to a pre-tribulation (or mid-trib or post-trib) rapture mainly because the notion is unbilical.

See CCC paragraphs 668 through 682.

i assume that the moment you die, is technically your time of rapture… you will either be taken up or headed in a slighly different direction if you get my drift… :thumbsup:

Hi Julie,
Yes there is. Our belief is more in line with what the early church believed about all this. We do not believe in “the Rapture” (a term taken from Latin…which sort of surprises me.) BTW,did you know that the term is nowhere found in the NT/ Just like Incarnation, Trinity, and Purgatory…hmmm :hmmm:

For a very good treatment of all this please see the tracts on this homepage

Welcome to the Catholic faith. I pray you find all you need within His one true church and her teachings. I just “came home” myself about 3 years ago and Re-verted to my cradle Catholic faith because someone attacked it and I knew they were wrong about what they alleged. I began to do some serious reading and research and what I found was that all the stuff that Non-Catholics say about the Church is wrong and that Catholicism really IS the Christianity of the early NT church. Now I use a lot of the same “witnessing” tools that I used as a Protestant/Evangelical to win souls as a Catholic. Some folks just don’t know what to say when they hear a Catholic give his testimony of salvation and the truths of the Bible from a Catholic perspective. I can’t help it…
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Pax vobiscum!

The Catholic Church doesn’t believe in a secret/silent rapture before the great tribulation. Good books describing the Catholic position include: “Will Catholics be left behind”, “Rapture Trap”, “Rapture the end-times error that leaves the bible behind”.

David Currie spent years as a Protestant pulling people out of the Catholic Church based on the Rapture theory. Now, he is Catholic and he wrote the following book:

“Rapture - The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind”

I also recommend:

“The Rapture Trap” - Carl Olson


John Martignoni’s free tape “The Rapture and the Bible”

from www.biblechristiansociety.com

Brad, great recommendations, but Paul Thigpen wrote The Rapture Trap. Carl Olson wrote Will Catholics Be “Left Behind”.

Oh… and I forgot:

Welcome home, Julie :thumbsup:

[quote=Théodred]Brad, great recommendations, but Paul Thigpen wrote The Rapture Trap. Carl Olson wrote Will Catholics Be “Left Behind”.

Oh… and I forgot:

Welcome home, Julie :thumbsup:

Yep - you are right - thanks for the correction.

A plymouth brethren by the name of John Nelson Darby, brought rapture theology to America in the 1800’s. In the early 1900’s, Cyrus I. Scofield got hold of it and published his Scofield Bible with footnotes endorsing all the lies. The Catholic Church rejects these inventions.


We believe what we profess in the Creed: “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and His Kingdom will have no end.” He comes, the living and the dead are judged and that’s it.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this, but Catholic Answers has a brief primer on this subject found here:


For more in depth treatments, visit the webpage of the aforementioned author of “Will Catholics Be Left Behind?” Carl Olsen:


To answer your question directly, the Church has condemned both post-millenialism (the belief that the world will get better and better until Christ comes again) and mitigated (pre-)millenialism, the concept that “true believers” will be raptured up before the Great Tribulation, Christ will have an earthly 1000 year reign, to be followed by the yet another coming of Christ.

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