What is Catholic opinion on a service dog in church?

I use a service dog for my disability. there have been a few occasions where people have expressed concerns of having a dog in church because it is a sacred space, usually parishioners, it hasn’t been anyone official.

there has also been a recent issue with the greek orthodox church in Canada about it, they do not seem in favor, for the same reason, that the presence of animals is not proper for sacred spaces.

but of course, this is for mobility purposes, not just a house pet.

does this actually have a basis anywhere in Catholicism?


There is no official Catholic opinion or teaching regarding service animals. Certainly, guide dogs for the blind are ordinarily accepted in most public places, including churches. When the general public becomes more accustomed to service dogs being used for other forms of assistance, they will become more accepted as well.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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