What is considered suggestive/ too suggestive in a movie?

I was watching the St. Ignatius of Loyola movie and their is a scene of a prostitute with some flirtatious talking and some dancing with a sense of flirtatious talking that people might take the wrong way.

Is this too sexual to watch? Usually if I can’t watch it in a family setting, I don’t watch it.

Good meter to judge a movie by.



Usually I look at it from the theme of the movie; drama; novel; or whatever type of work of art it is. Is it gratuitous? Is it there to show the beauty of the human body without being sexual - I think this is difficult in our society, but it’s possible. Is it there to show a lesson?

The human body is a great work of God but we’ve cheapened it. It’s supposed to be a temple.

So, I guess, in the movies you’re watching, is the body on its way to becoming more of a temple or not and is this being shown in a respectful, realistic way?

Just some random thoughts.

Thanks for bringing up this issue.

I watch a lot of movies and tv shows and before I watch anything I go on IMbd and check their parent’s guide section on nudity and sex because anything that has even partial nudity I don’t want. I have struggled since 12YO with lustful sins and now that I am actually trying to fight against them I don’t put myself in a situation where anything lustful is in a movie, even if the movie sounds interesting plot-wise.

Also I just don’t want to support a movie with nudity because let’s be honest, nudity has zero purpose in any movie. It’s only there to sell more tickets and I think that’s very objectifying and disrespectful to women. So I don’t want to support that in any way.

As for what is “too suggestive”, I think if something will make you think lustfully or be tempted to act in impure manners, then that is too suggestive and you should not watch it. When I’m watching sports or tv, I look away or leave the room when any commercial comes on with not very well dressed people because why add in a temptation?

A lot of movies as well I turn away during those scenes, even if it’s just kissing. I don’t find it good to watch for myself and growing in virtue. I’ll watch movies or tv shows with kissing or something similar but I may look away. But if it’s even slight nudity I do not watch


I agree that nudity is obviously too far in movie making. And I think anything leading the sexual fantasizing is too much as well.

However, some people are not affected on some contents compare to other, so I’m not sure exactly where to draw the line except through careful examination.

Well, what if we watched only what Our Lady would approve of?

I think the last time I suggested this it wasn’t that popular but think about it. If we aspire to be Holy then why would we not use this as a measure of suitability?

I note well that my priest had never had a tv in the presbytery. That does mean he can’t answer questions about popular soaps on tv but since nothing much about human nature has changed in two thousand years that doesn’t seem to worry him in the least. :wink:

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https://youtu.be/V8hOMO6pgsQ. I am listening now.

How terrible that Harris’s responses have been edited out.

You should only watch media that Jesus would also watch.

Everything else is to be avoided.

Which film is that @edjlopez23 ?

It’s one I would be interested in watching .


Not familiar with Robert Ingarsoll and Are you familiar with Francis Thomas? The Hound Of Heaven. (t corrupt your eye, in fact, it’s just the opposite. If the whole world shunned clothes whenever it was possible ). Why are you so hung up on being nude? Our focus has nothing to do with taking off and putting on clothes all day long so we can be nude as often as possible. I consider it more common sense.

Honestly, I think Jesus could possibly tolerate this movie more than me. He forgived and knows about prostitutes and there is romance talking in the bible.

We are to keep custody of our eyes. Art in movies is no excuse. The same with TV which cannot claim any artistic merit – and it’s getting worse. Just think of Jesus sitting next to you when you watch something. To me, bikinis are underwear. They should not be shown.

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What about shirtless men? Flirtatious implications and talking? That’s the grounds i’m worried about.

It’s a movie. I don’t understand what you’re worried about. Can you be more specific?

I haven’t seen the movie. If it’s about St Ignatius it’s probably a good movie.

Having prostitutes present in a movie isn’t a bad thing. It is a part of history and life, and prostitutes are human beings like everybody else.

If the movie portrays them in a way just for vulgar/cheap excitement for the audience, then it’s definitely a bad thing.

I think you have to be very careful what you watch, but it does differ for each person. I dont think I can tell someone else what to watch or anyone can for that matter (unless we are talking about children obviously). The reason I say that is a person needs to be mature and be aware of how they can be deceived by the world, Satan and their own will. If you know your own root sin then it can help, if a person suffers from the root sin of say envy then watching tv shows like those ones about buying houses in the country or overseas are not likely to be a good idea for them, yet for other people they might be fine. If your root sin is lust, you may need to be careful of even adverts for hair products or foot products etc. whereas these may be boring or dull for others. In my opinion regular devotional confession is needed to watch tv and even read books so that you can have some idea how these tricky root sins pervade your life. For instance even someone who’s root sin is not lust or anger may think they are watching and educational religious movie such as the one you suggest or others but not know where to draw the line between what is acceptable violence or suggestive because they are deceived by the education and positive merit of such a movie or book. We may think we are strong enough to resist and can look away or skip past any such parts but are we really? Only God is strong. Basically what I am saying is if you think to yourself, should I be watching this… it seems a little suggestive/violent/sexual/overt/iffy then that is the nudge of the Holy Spirit and one should listen. We should learn to trust that little niggle in our heart which is warning us…and turn it off


Asking “is this too sexual to watch?” is like asking “is this too much tequila to drink?” It’s going to vary depending on the person.

A 275 lineman could safely and responsibly drink more alcohol than a 90 pound woman. What might give him a mild buzz might have her puking.

Similarly, when it comes to the content of a movie or a book, it depends on the maturity of the viewer. A well-formed, mature adult can see things that might really rattle an impressionable kid.

You can’t give a one size fits all answer here.


Yes, a one size fits all answer is the best way to go. Always err on the side of caution. A soul is worth more than an hour of cheap thrills.

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