What is Cursing?

I saw in another thread that praying that something bad will happen to someone is cursing them and therefore a sin of using the Lord’s name in vain. :shrug:

Now in my case I prayed that something bad will come out against Hillary Clinton so she looses. I’m really confused about this. :confused:

I’m sure that what you meant was that you asked God to allow any criminal behavior on Mrs. Clinton’s part to come to light and for her to properly come to justice. You also probably wanted this because you think she’d make an awful president who would damage our country, and you wanted folks to be even more aware of any shortcomings she might have.

(A) Wanting justice is not cursing.

(B) This is for another thread, but I’m not so sure you should be confident that Mr. Trump would be one iota better. :wink:

Dangerous ground mayyyybe. Here is the differnce in this case. Praying that preexisting evil is revealed if it exists to save others… not persay sinful. Like meeting Hitler pre power and praying he doesn’t become the nations leader. But you could perhaps be passing over judgement.

If you pray that someone is “stopped” from leadership win because she wants abortion etc… is not “cursing” unless you are praying she is hit by a bus or such, then that is more in line with cursing. Also, perhaps add the prayer for her to find guidance of the Lord and become a leader that would be in lone with God’s will…

Pray for all the people of the United States. Our elected officials are in power because we elected them, and they act largely in accordance with what the people want. The people want lots of programs and benefits, and don’t want to pay for them. The people demand personal freedom without regard to human dignity, and that’s what we get. God Bless America. Seriously. Shed his grace on thee. We’ll need a lot of it.

Depends on what exactly you prayed, really. Did you pray that she would lose through her email scandal? Or was it more along the lines that she had a heart attack and died a painful death?

Yours probably falls closer to the first one, but just remember that while we should pray for justice, we shouldn’t pray for vengeance.

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

My prayer was not very complex, and for that matter none of my prayers are. I have a tendency to whisper my prayers extremely fast.

The prayer went something like this: I asked God to make something bad come out about Hillary Clinton if it was His will or something like that. The “something bad” being an incriminating news story rather than something hurting her physically.

Between now and Election Day, anything can happen.

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