What is death?


I cannot get this question off my mind. What does it mean if whoever sins or something deserves death? We all die.


It means you won’t get everlasting life in Heaven. However, we all will be immortal, whether in Heaven or Hell after the Last Judgement. You will either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. So in a way, I don’t know what that means either. “The wages of sin is death” - because like you say, we all die, and we all will be judged and we all will spent eternity in one place or the other!:shrug:


It’s soo hilarious that people actually think they know what happens when you die. Their words are spoken from *** to mouth. There are no answers to your question, you’ll just have to go through the experience yourself one day. You only live once, don’t bother yourself with this **** and live your life.


What is really hilarious is that some people actually think they know that no one can know what happens when you die.


There are two deaths - the first is the death of the body, the second is the death of the soul.

For example, recently I was watching the movie “Clare and Francis” and at the end Francis prays that those who do God’s Will on this earth are blessed, for the second death will have no power over them. In other words, their bodies may die, but their souls will live.

When a saint dies, that day becomes his feast day. Like Saint Anthony of Padua, his feast day is June 13. This is because it is considered their “birthday” into heaven. They are born to new life - to the life of heaven.

This life of heaven can also be somewhat experienced in this life. Saint Therese said that in heaven she did not expect to be any happier, for she was already so united to God on earth. This is because she did God’s Will perfectly on earth - and Saints in heaven also do God’s Will perfectly. Therefore, her soul was more “alive” than we can even understand on this earth.

Sin makes us “die” within. It separates us from the life of God, because God is life. Everytime we sin, we are cut off more from God. The more we sin, the more we are cut off. Ever seen a really bad person? I knew a guy who was a drunk, who slept with everyone, prided himself on being bad, beat his girlfriend, did drugs…all sorts of things. And wow, he was sooooo miserable!! He would even admit how miserable he was.

He FELT miserable because his sins were so piled up that God’s LIFE of love, joy, peace, etc. could hardly get in. Instead, all he had was himself - his sins - his misery, selfishness, etc. None of that could make him happy, and so he was feeling that.

Not that saints do not suffer and experience misery - they do - but their souls are always in peace deep within. Suffering only touches the surface. For my friend, it was all through him.

Another example I can think of is a lady I once saw. She was so haunted looking - miserable, withered, etc. But I heard that as a young woman, she was the ultimate bad girl. To me, her results in her old age made sense. As a young woman, she probably enjoyed her sins, and could not see what they were doing to her. But now that she is older, she is miserable, and disconnected, haunted really. She has reaped the fruits of her sins and those fruits are death - death to the soul.

When life no longer exists because it has been pushed out by sin - and by life I mean joy, peace, love, contentment, purity, inner beauty, and all the other gifts of God - then death occurs. And what is death but misery, a rotting of the soul…and the body is just a temporary shield protecting that soul from the everlasting pangs of misery it will constantly experience when it no longer has a body to escape from its pains with through drugs, drinking, sex, food, etc. Then it will just be alone with its misery and no physical means to escape…

The wages of sin is death to the joy, love, and peace of the soul.


True, but if heaven is eternal life, then hell is eternal death. Heaven is eternal love, joy, bliss, peace, etc. Then hell is eternal hatred, misery, discontent, restlessness, suffering, etc. While heaven is a eternal expanding of the soul, hell is an eternal collapsing. While heaven is eternal life to the soul, hell is eternal death, and that is why it will be so miserable - to be dead, and yet to go on feeling death!!! Like being buried alive is the best metaphor I can think of, and yet, unable to escape for ever.


yes we do know, through revelation. God became Man (Christ) and taught us what we can expect after death, and how to get to Heaven.


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