What is different in the 2nd edition of the Catechism?


Does any one know any specific passages that have been revised in the 2nd edition of the Catechism? I know that the 1st edition was translated from the French and the 2nd edition comes from the Latin, but I’m looking for any examples of differences between the two versions.

I’m involved in some adult education at my parish and I’d like to recommend that people purchase a copy of the Catechism, but for some reason the paperback version of edition 2 is not easy to find in local Catholic bookstores right now. The pocket edition of version one seems to be easily found. Before I recommend it, I’d like to find out what has changed.

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Here is a list of updates.


[quote=Catholic2003]Here is a list of updates.

Thanks so much… that’s just what I needed!

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