What is everyone giving up for Lent?


When I saw the topic “What are you doing for Easter?” on this forum, it made me think of Lent, since Lent comes first.

Does anyone know what they are giving up for Lent yet?

I think I am going to give up sweets. If I really wanted to challenge myself, I could give up meat. Not quite sure at the moment.


I usually give up chocolates or sweets, too. But this year… I’d like to try a more “mature” approach to Lent. I’d really like to get one (or more? :gopray2: ) of my major faults, under control.

Please pray for me.


Maybe Iced Tea again.


I’m giving up Lent for Lent this year. :rolleyes: :smiley:


There’s still over a week left of Advent - this is also a penitential season, so it’s also appropriate to give something up. With me it’s sugar, and I might do the Ember Days (fasting and prayer) this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

I’m also trying to get one of my major faults - laziness - under control. I’ve succeeded a bit :shrug: But I think that’s a year-round thing, not just seasonal.


Wow, I haven’t even started to think about that one yet. Though I’m sure my spiritual director will have something good planned for me :smiley:


Letting someone else pick for you? Yikes!:eek:

Perhaps if I am brave I will ask my friends and family for ideas.


A good, orthodox priest told me once that he was giving up sex for Lent.:smiley: The teenage girl on the other side of him looked like this: :eek:

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