What is G-d?

I’ve seen the name of God written as “G-d” in various places. I don’t understand this. Is this a religious practice of certain faiths or is this some type of censorship?

It means “God”. Jews believe that God’s name, YHWH, is too Holy to pronounce, so perhaps they follow suit with the word G-o-d as well. I’ve seen numerous jews do it.

Yes, Jews do this. They see the name of God too sacred to say, so they won’t even write it out. It go back to not taking the Lord’s name in vain.

This has its origin in the traditional treatment of the Tetragrammaton in Hebrew.

Jews can say “God.” They can’t say his formal name. They don’t write it because they believe its bad to “trash his name.” Meaning, if you write “God” on a piece of paper, the. You cannot throw that piece of paper out. It must be kept. So they don’t write it so they can avoid that.

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