What is gluttony?

Hi, recently I’ve found out that gluttony is a sin in terms of what you eat and drink, and I wanted an experts opinion on situations involving people with eating disorders.

Gluttony is excessive consumption of food or drink. It is in essence an overindulgence of the senses for no other reason than because we simply want to enjoy the sensations. There is no sin in enjoying a good meal and wonderful tasting food but overindulgence can lead to excessive spending on food, be detriment to our health, or even cause a neglecting of other responsibilities or greater goods in order to “satisfy” our senses.

However, in order for something to be considered a sin it needs to be freely chosen. For some people it is not a completely free choice. Eating disorders are serious health/medical conditions that need the help of health professionals. In those situations such individuals need to work closely with the appropriate health professionals to ensure they can appropriately manage their condition.

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