What is God calling me to do?

Recently, I have felt a renewed calling to the priesthood. I have discerned the priesthood before, but I felt that was not the path God had intended for me at the time. I am a senior in college and have a guaranteed job for the next 10 years in the Air Force. I have never had a girlfriend before, but I have been writing letters to my future wife for the past 5 years. However, I sometimes find myself wishing for the calling of the priesthood, but it still doesn’t feel right. That coupled with the fact that I am nowhere close to dating someone makes me unsure of what God wants me to do. I just want to serve God with all my heart and become a saint one day. Any insight and advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. I love praying the rosary and I try to go to confession at least every 2 weeks. (And I could listen to Christian music all day)

You could try speaking with a priest or spiritual director. They can provide excellent advice.

Prayer for guidance and strength is also beneficial. Have patience, and trust in God, He will reveal things in good time =) You will be in my thoughts and intentions.

To me, it doesn’t sound like you’re being called by God, so much as you are calling yourself. But i could be dead wrong. You said you find yourself wishing for a call to the Priesthood, but what are your reasons for wishing that? Is it an un-explainable, deep down desire? Or simply a wish? Those are some questions i ponder when i start “wishing” for something to happen. I ask myself if its really coming from deep within or just an idea i had in my head. You’re heart has to be in it too. Over time, im sure you’ll figure out which voice is actually God speaking, and what voice is just yours.

My opinion is , that perhaps you do have a calling, but you have not fully made up your mind about your answer. The reason I think you may have a calling is because as St Therese said, God works through the desire of our hearts. If you are wishing you had a calling , then certainly that is a desire…

We have to be positive about these things. I think just the fact that you have posted this thread means something. Also, as I’m sure you are aware, the Church needs more Priests. I am not going to discourage you but to encourage you!!

I pray that you can find out what it is you want. If you need to feel free to message me or join a great new group “For those who feel a Religious Vocation”.

God bless you +++ :smiley:

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