What is God's Plan?


Is it that God controls all things and that he controls what we do?
Is it that God gives us certain paths that lead to one goal that God wants us to meet and it is up to us to choose the path we take?


A mystery, indeed. I think I like Forest Gump’s response. When he was perusing his mother’s death and speaking to her at her grave, and he was struggling with, “Or is fate, or is it free will?” Finally, he chokes what I think is the Catholic position:

“Ya know, mama, I think it’s a little bit of both.”

There is free will and predestination.

Toward that end, here’s somethin to chew on:

In the bigger picture of human history, it is a constant alternation, a dialogue between man and his free will sin, and God and his Ordination of the Redemption of those sins.

That is, just like the days of creation, that alternate as they go, first darkness then light, then darkness, then light, so this is the progress of Salvation history.

First the darkness speaks, that is, man sins greatly, then the light speaks, that is, God responds with Redemption and grace, then man speaks selfishly again, then God speaks the light again.

Just walk through it: man falls, descends into wickedness in Noah’s days, God speaks and redeems in the Flood. Man speaks selfish ambition at Babel, God speaks with language confounding and the calling of Abraham. Egypt speaks enslavement, God speaks the Exodus. The Jews speak unfaithfulness, God speaks the Exile and Restoration, and, well, you get the picture.

Hence, I think the model is this: God has FORESEEN and PERMITTED our sins, but He ORDAINS the Redemptions of those darkness. That is, the heads of the beast represent the great stages of man’s selfish FREE WILL, something that God knows HAS to come as it does, seeing as we are under the “working of iniquity,” but His creative actions of Genesis represent what is ORDAINED by God, the good that God knows He can draw from our repeated and inevitable manifestations of our selfish free will.


Hi Silick,

God chose this world out of an infinite number of possibilities and He chose it with a purpose. In this sense everythinbg is pre-ordained.

But, in this particular world that He chose, there are humans with free will. They are 100% free to make the right or the wrong choices. God knows how it will end, but we still have free choise.

Why, you ask, did God make a world where some will make the wrong choices? Because, if people can’t make wrong choices, then they are not free. And if they are not free, they cannot love. God wanted a world that would reflect the love that exists within the Trinity. A world where we would love one another and love God. A world with free will.



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