What is Gods will versus the Rosary?

My mother is very ill and while my sister and I were speaking to my brother and sister in law I said, it was God’s will for whatever he chose for her. My sister in law said, " if we pray alot of rosarys she will be healed" I disagreed saying, it was up to God we cannot pray for healing if it isnt what he wants for her although I always pray but put it in his hands. They both said I was wrong and they didn’t understand me. My sister in law said I was taking HER faith away by not saying the rosary and asking for mom to be healed. I feel my sister in law is using the Rosary as miracle worker and putting the Virgin Mary before God. I want my mom well but I can’t pray for her to be healed if it isn’t what God wants. Am I wrong in this, I am so confused…

Thank you…


There is no need to create a false dichotomy here. Certainly, it is up to God as to whether He wants your mother to be healed and be with you a little longer or whether He wants to call her to Himself. Asking our Blessed Mother to pray that she not die is not contradictory to God’s will. After all, He told us to pray for what we need. He may well have determined that He would only heal her if her family asked His mother to pray for her healing. We don’t change God’s mind when we pray for things. But He may very well want us to pray for them as a part of His will.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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